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Chelsea, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday – I had such a great time and learnt so much. Nobody can believe how much I managed to get and stay under budget. And I’m still getting over the sizes we picked – no wonder I’ve never had luck online shopping!


A massive thank you to Chelsea for dressing me so beautifully for my return to stand up at such a stunning venue. It was a total privilege to MC this gig and I felt like a million bucks in this gorgeous ensemble by The Ark Clothing Thanks for going the extra mile Chelsea.

I can’t recommend your services highly enough because this entire experience was an absolute jov! I never would have chosen navy/ink but boy, I LOVED this! French navy is delightfully classic and I did feel sensational. Sooooo many genuine compliments (my beloved keeps telling me, too).

I’m so excited about our planned joint venture: our first play date was SO much fun!!! Thanks a million, Chelsea! I’m sending my Media Coaching clients to you, too!

-Tracy Bartram

Just wanted to say a quick thank you! 

This last shop has been spot on for me. Definitely expanded my comfort zone and Chelsea ‘knew before I knew’ that I’d love the purchases. Loving the cinnamon coat now, and every single piece. Definitely the most efficient way to shop!


LOVE my new wardrobe and feel a million bucks every time I leave the house now! So many compliments and people can just see how much I’m radiating confidence now.

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to buy things that I feel amazing in x 


Hello there Jade. Sorry to bother you on a Saturday evening, however I just wanted to quickly message and say a heartfelt thank you for the time you spent with Craig today. In his words ‘you absolutely nailed it’!. In the 12 years that we’ve been together, he’s been resistive to any sense of fashion and today, you’ve changed that concept in its entirety. He was so excited to share the successes that you two had today on his arrival home. You really have met and exceeded the brief. You’ve captured him and his personality in style perfectly. I’m so very grateful for your services. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

From one very happy wife of a now stylish husband & Jenna


-From one very happy wife of a now stylish husband

Thanks so much, Jade. I’m absolutely thrilled with my clothes and love that I have so many options. And thanks for your lovely warm style, you made what is normally quite a stressful experience for me really enjoyable! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Hi Mel. Sorry for the delay…I have been so busy rediscovering my wardrobe!!  Worn 3 new/old outfits already and bought wide leg jeans bag and belt. (Loved the more targeted shopping!)  

Almost packed for Byron and shared all the news with Jess… who is equally re-inspired.

You’re brilliant at your job –  no wonder you love it. Thank you! 


Chelsea, I honestly I cannot thank you enough for today, it was monumental for me. I’m still in shock over my new wardrobe, and how much today had helped with me trying to view myself more positively. Thank you so much, you are just wonderful xx


Thank you so much Nancy! Loving all of the outfits you created on Tuesday and I’m super excited to start wearing everything… just need to decide what to wear first!! 

Thank you for an amazing day and an amazing new wardrobe xx


Thanks so much Jade, what a great experience! Something I have been wanting to do for ages and I can’t believe how much my wardrobe was lacking in winter clothing, which you easily discovered at the wardrobe review. So great to have your guidance and advice and such great pieces that I have now added to my wardrobe.


Hi Nancy, I just wanted to get in touch to say a HUGE THANK YOU! For all of your assistance in not only planning Chelsea’s wish but also working with her to make her feel like her most confident self!

She had an amazing week with a shopping spree themed cake to start, amazing conversations and shopping experience with yourself and a VIP experience with sass & bide. Penny (her mum) said she has been on cloud 9 the entire time 😊

Thank you also for donating your time and services. Generosity like that of Chelsea Brice Stylists allows us to be able to provide bespoke and memorable experiences for Wishes and we couldn’t do it without you!

-Make A Wish Foundation

Mel, Thank you for an incredible session and such a transforming day with some massive changes. I now have linen in the wardrobe, along with earth colours and dresses I wouldn’t have even looked at in the past. I now have a whole wardrobe full of exciting options and a better understanding of my body shape and how to dress it!

I really appreciate your time and patience and will have to book back in around autumn time to replace the winter wardrobe! 

Thanks again!


Nancy, I wanted to thank you for the styling session. I really appreciate your time and patience. I learnt so much and enjoyed trying different styles I wouldn’t have in the past. 

I have been enjoying the new editions to the wardrobe and mixing and matching my existing wardrobe; it feels good to have so many options, and it has me feeling more confident.


Hi Emilia. Just wanted to say thank you again for the weekend. I had a fantastic experience and am thrilled with my purchases. As I said, 90% of what you chose I would never have even looked at in the racks!

For the first time in a long time I got dressed this morning and loved what I saw in the mirror. That is a feeling I have really missed and you have given it back to me ❤️


Working with Emilia has been game-changing for me. My experience was optimized by Emilia first coming to my home to edit my existing wardrobe – that enabled her to really understand my lifestyle, my goals, and to put together a clear plan for our first shop together.

Shopping with Emilia was efficient, high-energy and productive. She was professional, incredibly well-organised and generous with her advice – she had clearly put a lot of thought into making the experience worthwhile and tailored to my goals. To top it off, she is a lovely person! I couldn’t recommend working with Emilia more.


I have always struggled with finding clothes I like and feel good in, and with a new job approaching I took the plunge to finally get some help. The result was far beyond my expectations. Nancy really listened to me and seemed to ‘get’ me completely, carefully taking into account my budget and needs.

We had a whirlwind shopping event, and I came away with a bunch of clothes I truly love and feel good in – unlike the majority of those that were in my wardrobe before! One of the best investments I have ever made and I can’t recommend Nancy enough – she’s got a real talent for finding your look and making you feel fabulous.

Thanks again!


Thank you sooooo much for my amazing shopping experience yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am in awe of my my new stress free wardrobe!  Both Emilia and you were so passionate, supportive, generous, patient and attentive.  Such a fun life changing experience.  I’m so super excited for you to kick start your business off here in NZ.  You’ll smash it .  Thanks a mill!


Hi Nancy, My shoes arrived and they’re perfect. Thank you for Wednesday – it’s such a joy to shop with you. You’re so talented and I can see how much you love what you do!


Feeling amazing Nancy – I have plans today and it felt so amazing to feel like I had heaps and heaps of options in terms of clothes. Thank you for yesterday, dressing well really does push your confidence up and I’m certainly feeling confident today!


Nancy I want to thank you for such a successful day. I can hands down say, that I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident in clothes as I have since we did our shop. I think the biggest lesson was on sizing and and “firm, not tight” rule. I feel more comfortable, warmer and more myself.


Hi Chelsea,

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with lovely Nancy shopping for workwear. I feel my work wardrobe is quite bland and I stick to the same staple pieces. I think I’m quite good with styling going out pieces, but struggle with work!!

Nancy took the time to get to know the type of work I do and find pieces that would suit my work environment.

Nancy was able to help me put together some really lovely pieces that made me feel great. Exactly the look I was trying to achieve. The best part was that Nancy helped me ‘ think outside the square’ I remember shouting this out to her whilst I was inside the change room!!

I now have the confidence to be more fun and creative.

Thank You Nancy


My shopping experience with Nancy was incredible. I have always struggled with finding how to dress for my shape with a bigger bust and Nancy helped me do exactly that! She showed me things that I normally wouldn’t even take off the rack and put them together in an outfit that was completely me. I loved how she opened up a completely new colour palette to me that I thought would never suit me!

Must mention her patience with a very fussy shopper, however Nancy nailed my brief of effortless and chic. Would highly recommend this for ANY female or male who spends far too much time and money on purchasing the wrong items.


Hi Chelsea & Nancy,

I know it has been a few weeks now since our amazing, life changing session – it has taken me a few weeks to take it all in, but I wanted to make sure that I sent you both a note to let you know how grateful I am, and what a wonderful experience both sessions were.

It has been a LONG time since I have been excited to get up in the morning and choose something to wear. It has been even longer since I actually planned outings so that I could wear something out and feel fabulous in a crowd (less of a crowd in lockdown 5 but you should see my work from home outfits!). That is what you have both given me following our session. My new wardrobe is stunning, and feels like the best version of me. I have loved combining the outfits that we created along with some of my existing pieces (still a work in progress) and feel a lot more confident about how an outfit can be styled to make me feel my best.

Your energy Chelsea is infectious – the home session made me feel like a massive weight had been lifted and my (clean, less cluttered, curated) wardrobe is so good!

The shopping day is something I wish I could re-live every week. You are both so good at what you do, I don’t think I will ever want to shop without you again! (you will be hearing from me when it is time for the summer edition!).

All I can say is thank you, thank you so much.


Today I had my summer shopping session with Nancy. All I had to do was turn up, try on some fabulous clothes on and pay

Nancy, thank you for the incredible shop today – I am thrilled with every purchase and can’t wait to get out and about. Lots of love x


Hi Nancy,

Many thanks for pics, and more importantly for the amazing experience on Friday. It was an absolute joy to have you and Chelsea select such smart, comfortable and relaxed outfits that have stocked my wardrobe. It’s a nice feeling each day knowing I have a range of fashionable and well fitted clothes to chose to wear.

We had such a fun day and we are incredibly grateful for your expertise, kindness, hard work and laughter. Hope you managed to get some rest over the weekend and are having an awesome week so far.

Love all the pics, you are a star Nancy with the camera. Thank you again and we’ll stay in touch 👍

-Paul & Robyn

Hey ladies, I just wanted to say thank you both again! A few days later now and i’m loving my new wardrobe. The day was exactly what I was hoping for, trying on pieces I’d have never picked up for myself and loving them more than anything I’d have tried had I gone alone… with an added bonus of buying brands I would have never even entertained, as I had assumed they wouldn’t sell my size and have anything that would fit me!

Thanks for everything and can’t wait for another shop for the next season!


Hi Emilia, Thank you for all you hard work last week. It was a marathon effort to get through my wish list! I love all the different outfits and feel ready for any occasion. What you achieved in that time was amazing. I really appreciated you not only getting the clothes looking right but feeling right, something that I don’t often achieve on my own!  


Thank you Emilia! I had the best day with you. I am so grateful for your expertise. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases. I was so excited to get dressed today in one of my new outfits. I look forward to getting in touch with you when I need to shop again!!


Thank you very much Chelsea. You are just AMAZING. I just finished hanging my new clothes and I am filled with excitement and joy. I can pick every piece knowing that it will look good on me and I will enjoy it. You are so sweet, patient, understanding and today was a wonderful experience.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.


Nancy I just want to say a big “Thank You” to you for our shopping last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this with you, and love all the tips and tricks you showed me to get the most out of my purchases. I really love the colours and styles we chose and I still haven’t been able to pinpoint 1 favourite (because I love them all), but I am sure it will happen as I start to wear them all.


Thank you so very much for sending these through Chelsea and Nancy! Saying that I’m happy with the out come is an understatement. I’m in love!

I really want to thank Both of you for such a fun, stress free day. You both made me feel so very comfortable and have taught me so much about dressing myself and getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to choosing clothes.

You both put me at ease straight away. I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow night and back into uniform….I just want to wear my different outfits everyday!! You girls are legends and I very much look forward to next time! Also…thanks again for putting on a fashion show for me at the end….you ladies are stunning inside and out.


Jade is a stylist who takes time to connect with you, to see who you are as a person, what your lifestyle is like, what you are comfortable in. And then she magically find “your style”. Not the style that that magazines tell you are in and you should follow, but your style……..one that suits you, your lifestyle, your body shape…….and a style that loves you right back. She really is a whizz!

And to top it off, she is a really really lovely person.


My personal shopping experience with Jade was amazing. I felt so comfortable discussing my clothing issues with Jade. She was friendly and easy to be around. She is a true professional and helped me make great choices, some that I would never have considered if it wasn’t for her knowledge of styling.

I am loving my new wardrobe. I’m feeling more confident in my clothes and can’t wait to work with Jade again. Highly recommend Jade


Sometimes fate leads you to the most beautiful and talented human to cross your path. Jade Sardon not only made me feel comfortable but gave me confidence to see my body in a new light and appreciate parts that I had been keeping hidden. – I have a new love for my legs!

Jade has an amazing talent of putting you at ease and creating an instant environment of trust and creativity. I instantly felt safe to explore fashion in a way I have never imagined. Jade is the best friend that every girl needs. I never thought the woman I see in my mirror would ever be me. A long way to self confidence and a positive image.

As I progress with my journey, Jade will be a staple in helping me create the visual representation of my own self. Thank you Jade, with all of my heart. I can totally rock this!


Amazing stylist! I’ve used Jade for years, she sorts out my wardrobe annually and I can always rely on her for special events..I highly recommend her for a new wardrobe, to update each season or even just to organise your current wardrobe..she rocks!


My personal shopping experience with Jade was the most positive I’ve had in a very long time.

We had a jam packed couple of hours where I tried on about half the store!

I wanted to seek out a stylist to help me with my body confidence whilst also broadening my outfit choices and trying new things. Thankfully, I now feel like I’m happily stepping out of my comfort zone with the new outfits Jade created for me.

Today was definitely an exercise in body confidence. Thank you, Jade, for helping me with that . You’ve taught me that the “size number” doesn’t matter, which in turn has taught me that body size doesn’t matter, confidence does.

Jade is so kind and enthusiastic. It was such a joy to be with someone who makes you feel comfortable. She was super understanding of my insecurities and listened to my reservations.

We finished with a massive haul and I’m super excited to start wearing my new clothes!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Emilia, Thank you so much.  I have quite the full wardrobe now and it’s filled with items that if I shopped by myself I never would of looked at but thanks to you I tried different items and I love them.  Good luck with your move to New Zealand.  I’ll probably need to book in a mix and match session down the track to remember how to dress it all together.


It’s been a week since you took me on one hell of a shopping trip!  How things can change so quickly, I have enjoyed waking up everyday and picking out an outfit to wear, including a wedding yesterday!  I have felt comfortable each and every time, even received a few complaints!  What a difference it makes to wear clothes that fit correctly and some gorgeous colours!

Thank you so much for all the tips and tricks, not that I remember them all but I promise you I now have my folder with looks that I continue to add to.  You are certainly in the right field for work, I hope you find NZ to be rewarding and enjoy the experiences to offer, I know I will reach out again, when I need a top up or refresh!

You are gorgeous and make others around you feel the same way, thank you so much, I truly loved it!


Hey Chelsea and Jade! Just thought I’d pass on a compliment I got today, someone at work said they look forward to seeing what I’m wearing everyday! I have both of you to thank for that!!! It felt great to hear! Thank you x


Thank you Chelsea, I  now have  a wide range of options to mix and match for casual/ smart casual/ and professional wear.

All the options work so well together and the new pieces  really suit my lifestyle .

I feel very  confident with my new Autumn /Winter clothing and I also appreciate your styling advice and styling suggestions. Thanks also for the photos of different outfit choices.

Looking forward to enjoying these new fabulous  clothing options for  Autumn/Winter .


Hi Chelsea

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help last week. I love the clothes and so happy with what you picked out for me. Thanks for your patience too! I am very indecisive and you had a lot of patience with me.

I will say that those clothes have given me confidence! I have a few things coming up and on the weekend I wore the black pants & blazer (caramel) and it made me feel so much more confident & stylish!! It’s amazing how a change can make you feel! So once again thank you so much and I look forward to another shop.

Bec x


Thanks so much Jade, I love all the pieces, especially that I can mix & match and dress everything up or down. Thanks for helping me to feel confident in what I’m wearing. I can’t believe what we achieved in such little time, your pre shop was so accurate…you are amazing!


Hi Chelsea,

A massive thank you for the total life overhaul our wardrobe review and shopping trip is having. I love that every piece is malleable into multiple outfits.

I couldn’t have achieved this without you – I would have thrown a wobbly after the third misfitting piece and never known how to make things work. You showed me the difference that colour, size and length makes in making clothes work for me.


Can you please pass on my sincere thanks to Chelsea again?  She’s SO very talented and so great to work with.  I love that she listens so carefully, understands what you want/need and then provides the perfect advice.  All within budget and just right for me, tailored to my style and my lifestyle.


Thanks for today Jade, I am very excited about my birthday dress and new winter clothes.

After our session, on your recommendation I also went and purchased black boots and gold shoes at bared!

Thanks again for a great day.


Hi Jade! Thank YOU for an amazing day. I had a blast. I tried on all my clothes when I got home and loved how they all worked together, even though they were from different stores.

Thanks for showing me that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. Can’t wait to wear them all.

You’re an absolute professional and so good at what you do. l’Il definitely hit you up for summer clothes! I ended up getting the grey Gucci bag and a Valentino stud purse as well. You only live once!



I can’t believe we have been working together for 7 years. I can’t rate you highly enough. I must have referred you to about 10 of my friends! You’ll likely get a call from my friend Lou – I was raving about you on Sat at dinner 🙂

I love that If I’m looking for a nude boot/ white sneaker / jeans / casual jacket you know what all the brands are offering and can recommend the best one for me.  It takes all the stress out of shopping!! 

Our latest shop helped me fill all the gaps and update my wardrobe with new pieces for this season.  I’m now able to make my existing wardrobe work harder too. I’ve just been trying on all the combos and everything works together so well!  

So excited to go back to work as well as out on the weekends!  Love your work! Thanks again Katie Mac 



I can’t believe we have been working together for 7 years. I can’t rate you highly enough. I must have referred you to about 10 of my friends! You’ll likely get a call from my friend Lou – I was raving about you on Sat at dinner 🙂

I love that If I’m looking for a nude boot/ white sneaker / jeans / casual jacket you know what all the brands are offering and can recommend the best one for me.  It takes all the stress out of shopping!! 

Our latest shop helped me fill all the gaps and update my wardrobe with new pieces for this season.  I’m now able to make my existing wardrobe work harder too. I’ve just been trying on all the combos and everything works together so well!  

So excited to go back to work as well as out on the weekends!  Love your work! Thanks again Katie Mac 


Hi Chelsea, I just wanted to thank you and Emilia again for the amazing session last week. I have no words to describe what an exceptional experience this was. It wasn’t only about getting new clothes, it was also about empowering myself to know what to purchase in the future, saving me so much money.

Your and Emilia’s energy, plus your level of professionalism and talent is amazing. Thank you for the bottom of my heart for making all my wishes come true!


A whole new look… and lifestyle!

In the last 12 months my life has changed significantly with, a divorce, a new job and a significant weight loss. I went from a size 24 to 14! I was in need after a fresh start in my life, and that’s when I met with Emilia.

Emilia helped me to clear out my wardrobe and start afresh. She helped me to identify what my assets were, and I got rid of anything that no longer worked. The shopping trip was so much fun, we went shopping for 2 hours and I treated myself to some new outfits that I feel amazing in – confident and ready to take on job hunting (and dating!) again. She was sensitive to budget constraints and I was able to make my small budget stretch a long way with her advice.

I love my new look – it represents the real me and I feel great. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Emilia – thank you for your help!”


Wardrobe spring clean

“My wardrobe was full of clothes that I didn’t wear and now it is streamlined and more manageable thanks to Emilia. Both styling and wardrobe consultations were fantastic! She was supportive and made many styling recommendations that I had not thought of.  Emilia has made a positive impact on my wardrobe and my style.  She has helped me clear out clothes that were no longer of use and helped me make better use of the clothes that I have. Emilia has a great talent and I highly recommend her to you.”


“After countless mornings deliberating what to wear from a sea of mismatched clothes, I decided I could not continue wasting my mornings changing from outfit to another as it had become exhausting. I found Emilia through a networking group and took the plunge!

Emilia was professional, prompt and talented.

When we first met, my wardrobe was making my head spin and I was struggling to match pieces with accessories and was really questioning my purchases – I had severe buyers remorse. During our first styling session, Emilia established my style and pulled together the most flattering looks, using clothes I already had! By accessorising and styling the clothes somewhat differently, my clothes looked completely different on me. It was a revelation!! To assist me to re-create these looks in the future, Emilia photographed each of them and sent them through to keep in a look book.

As it turned out, I did not need to dash out and buy a whole new wardrobe, in fact it was decided only 2 new dresses were required to complete it. Emilia researched the style I was after and led me to her selections on our shopping excursion. Everything she selected was “on the money”, so I did need to show some restraint, but I am thrilled with the final two, one of which was ridiculously reduced – yay to that!

I can highly recommend Emilia to anyone wanting to review their wardrobe and upgrade their look. Thank you Emilia!” 


From gym clothes to glamorous

“When I met Emilia I was nervous that she would tell me I needed a whole new wardrobe. Even though my closet was bursting to the seams with clothes, I could never find anything to wear. Going out was frustrating whether it was out for dinner, drinks or to a friend’s house. I lived mostly in my gym clothes and trackies! Emilia arrived and I soon relaxed as we went through my wardrobe and she identified some amazing key pieces that I already owned and showed me how I could put them all together to create several different outfits. Using the same pieces we created some casual and some dressy outfits and she helped me to understand that I could look nice even if I was going to a garden party – “why couldn’t you wear this to a garden party?” she challenged. It made me really think about the nice clothes that I own and never wear – what’s the point of owning them if you do not wear them?

Emilia explained to me how I could dress up or down my clothes just by accessorising and changing my shoes. She helped me to understand the styles of clothes that suited me and what styles were flattering for my figure so I could shop for myself in the future without needing her there to hold my hand! Emilia also gave me some suggestions on what pieces I could add to my wardrobe to enhance what I already own. Amazing, I don’t need a whole new wardrobe!

Emilia was so much fun and I felt really comfortable around her. I had a great time trying on all my clothes and she helped me let go of clothing that I was holding onto for sentimental reasons but were no use to me. It was a very cleansing experience and I have a much neater wardrobe now! I refer back to the pictures of the styles that Emilia took of me and have already worn several new outfits, all from the clothes that are in my wardrobe already! Love it!”


A fun and fabulous experience

Dear Emilia, you were heaven sent! When I made my New Years resolution of wanting to buy less clothes and use what I have, I had no idea how to really achieve that. Then we had a chat and it all went from there! I loved how you approached the styling session and gathered valuable information prior to our meeting. It started to make me think about my style and the person I want to represent. The session itself was so much fun! I knew you understood my personality and what look suits me and challenged me a little on my limited thinking on how to match things. Just what I needed! So instead of 10 outfits, I now have 55 stuck to the back of my wardrobe door to play with! I had the best week, saving time in the morning, feeling fabulous and haven’t got the need to buy anything! Thank you so much. You are a star!” 


“Once I made the decision to change my career and start my own business, I realised that it wasn’t just my employment that needed a makeover it was my look too, and I was ready to admit I needed some serious help.

From the first step Emilia made me feel comfortable and confident that I was making the right move and that it was going to be an exciting and rewarding journey. I was amazed at how detailed the process was from the in depth questions and mirror work, through to the wardrobe consultation, shopping experience and integration of the new clothes in with my existing clothes. I really felt like Emilia was 100% there for me, and championing me to achieve my goal of going from flab to fabulous.

The biggest surprise of the stylist process was stepping into the first shop and realising the daunting process of picking clothes off the rack was already done for me. The level of professionalism when dealing with both myself and shop staff was impressive. I didn’t have to worry about a thing and the shop staff were excited to work with us and accommodating to all our needs. With all the clothing choices, Emilia was spot on for what I needed and pushed me to try new looks that were outside of my standard ‘uniform’. I was thrilled with my new look and items to add to my collection.”


Hi Chelsea, I just wanted to say thank you to you & Emilia for all your help with my shopping needs. I was feeling rather self conscious & out of my depth, but you both made me feel comfortable.

As the shop went on I relaxed more & was enjoying myself. I feel thank you is not enough to express to you both how much better I feel about myself with new clothes, that fit & work hard. Going shopping doesn’t feel quite as daunting.

Thank you 


Had the wonderful opportunity to have a styling session with Mel Johnson and could not have found the experience more worthwhile.

Exceptionally apprehensive at first, Mel made me feel so special and encouraged me to think outside my “usual”.

The results were amazing – clothes I would never have even considered with shoes to match are now front and centre in my wardrobe and I can’t wait for the opportunity to put the different outfits together.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to recharge themselves and their wardrobes.

Thank you Mel for such an exciting opportunity – and thanks to my kids who arranged it as a birthday gift.


Mel, I can’t tell you how much I LOVED today. You’ve made me feel so increadibly good about myself and I feel so lucky to have met and worked with you xxx


I’m so happy with my purchases & so grateful for you & Mel. You made shopping so fun, effortless & efficient getting all the things I needed! It was really effortless & I have no idea why I didn’t do this before or why everyone doesn’t have you as their stylist. 

Shopping with you is a must & can’t imagine shopping without you ever again. Wish I found you many years ago, you would have saved me so much time & money by choosing pieces that ‘work hard’ & look great. 


Hi Chelsea,

Thank you again for the virtual styling session on Wednesday …I now have focus and am feeling much more  positive about updating my wardrobe.
I really felt I gained so much insight and understanding regarding what styles suit me and why, and also appreciate that you tailored the session to  suit my particular situation.
Look forward to a future styling session.


I can’t thank Chelsea enough for the amount of thought and effort she put into helping me define my style. I now have clothes I absolutely love, and I know how to wear them. She makes the whole experience so easy and stress free. She could easily pick which size would fit well, which has been super stressful for me in the past. I can’t imagine doing a big shopping trip without her! Highly recommend.


Hi Chelsea,
I just wanted to touch base to say thank you again for our session. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve woken up and felt excited about what to wear rather than dreading getting dressed because I hate my clothes.
It’s been a bit over a week now and I’m really enjoying everything, it’s been nice finding new combinations that work…with the huge bonus of actually feeling comfortable during the day. The outfits have even passed the 4 year olds ‘fancy’ test 😊
So thank you – it’s made a huge difference to my life and self-esteem already,


Hi Chelsea,

Thank you SO MUCH for today! I feel so much more confident! No more staring at a full wardrobe and not knowing what to wear…….

I did my shopping list after you left, white, cream and black fine knit jumpers, new denim jacket and my black ankle  boots were on sale in tan! I was in and out in half an hour and my returns paid for it all! Lol

You really nailed it today, you knew exactly what I needed, you made it fun and your enthusiasm was contagious.

Keep doing what you do, because you do it so well. Thanks again, and I’ll see you next season for a summer version of today!



Oh Mel, where do I start!!

I am so thankful for what you have shown & taught me. I started off thinking that I had nothing in my wardrobe, so therefore it would not be worth getting you in there, Boy was I WRONG!! You created over 30 outfits with what I already had hanging. Items I had never worn or was going to donate away. You showed me what suited my body shape & more importantly you allowed me to express my own style, whilst still feeling comfortable. All this before you had even taken me shopping, wow!!!
Then we hit the shops……..you dressed me in clothing that I would have never looked at & certainly would have never tried on. I love how you created so many mix & match outfits, maximizing on what I spent. And not once did you make me feel like I was obligated to buy something out of my budget or that I didn’t feel great wearing.

You also introduced me to quality shopping & investing in a wardrobe that I
will actually wear.

You are so inspiring & have given me a new found love for my body.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience, I’m so pleased I did it.
Love & hugs xxoo


Thanks Mel for your styling, tips and inspiration!
I feel so much better in myself.

My beautiful new wardrobe is a huge help – but it is so much more than that! After our initial consult you got me, better than I did! My new clothes are helping me to reclaim a part of my identity that I hadn’t been honouring.

The ripple effect of wearing outfits that I love is truly profound! I’m feeling good in myself, seizing all sorts of opportunities, getting even more done (and receiving compliments daily). Engaging your assistance has been one of my highlights of the year! Can’t wait to do it again next season!


This week I had a styling consultation, wardrobe refresh and personal shopping session and I feel like a new person. It was a game-changer. Mel was so curious about they way I present myself and it was phenomenal the things that came out of that discussion. And not only was our shopping trip one of the most fun days I’ve had, Mel’s advice will save me time standing in my wardrobe panicking over what to wear, in the long run it’ll save me making unnecessary purchases decisions too. Plus I feel more confident now that I now I’m presenting myself as the person I’d like to be. I cannot recommend highly enough.


Your passion is empowering, you have given me new found confidence to look & feel great about myself!! I have whole new perspective on my wardrobe & my style. Thanks Mel


Mel’s full package was incredible!

Mel’s initial consult and wardrobe edit really made me reconsider using so many pieces I would have otherwise chucked out. And she also helped me to chuck heaps of things out too!

From that Mel put together a shopping list and we arranged to meet the next week at 1pm in Flinders Lane (Melbourne). By the end of the four hours of shopping I realised I could never have done any of that on my own. It would have taken me so much time to work out which shops to go to and what pieces to select. Mel had already been to the shops beforehand and pre-selected items for me to try on. So when we would arrive at a shop I would just got straight into the change room and Mel would bring in clothes to try on.

Such a time saver and such value for for money. The thinking time of what to choose was completely taken away from me. Amazing!

The last session was Mel helping me put together all the clothes in my wardrobe into more than 50 different outfits, all saved in an album on my phone! Easy.

One of the questions Mel asked me in my initial consult was “How do you feel when you leave the house each day?”

Me: “angry” (I have 3 boys under 8)

Now I feel “put together and confident in what I’m wearing”

Style-Bird definitely re-educated (or maybe just educated!) me about how to wear clothes in a way that I’ve always wanted to. And such a massive time saver.


Mel makes you feel relaxed while asking questions to better understand what you’re looking for. No judgement passed; just listening and probing to get the most out of the styling sessions.

The wardrobe edit is a must before shopping. There were many clothes I thought would have to go but Mel helped me find ways to wear many of them with other items I hadn’t even imagined or just wear them differently to give a completely new look to suit my body shape. That helped save the budget for the shopping still required. (Btw, Mel has a knack for sourcing investment pieces *and* bargain buys!)

I hate shopping as it’s normally so hard for me to find clothing to suit my body shape. Mel’s shopping experience with me was a breeze!! Mel did the hard work before I arrived, sourcing pieces we both agreed in advance were missing to “complete the look” or prevented me from moving toward having a capsule wardrobe. A fun, 4 hour experience that flew by! (Did I just really say that?!) I now have items and colours I never even considered beforehand but love so much now.

Thank you, Mel, for giving me renewed styling confidence with my work wardrobe, and educating me along the way so I can use the same principles to address my personal style!


Morning Chelsea, 

I just wanted to thank you and Mel so much for the most incredible day on Friday.

You made it so effortless for me and having everything there ready for when I arrived was simply amazing. You put so much effort into making my new wardrobe so beautiful. The way you picked out what would suit me and showed me how to wear those pieces was incredible. 

I could never imagine doing a big shop without you again. I feel so lucky and I am just thrilled with all my pieces.

Thanks again 😘


Dear Mel & Chelsea, Thank you so much for our session today. When I first got in touch with you I had lost the zest for dressing myself. I was struggling with breaking out of my “mum uniform”. Having done the Sharpen your Style session with you I now feel so confident, empowered and completely refreshed. .
There are so many pieces now in my wardrobe that are sharp, colourful and practical (especially with our Melbourne weather!!!) I look forward to getting dressed and trying all the different ways to wear my clothes.

You and Mel made the experience so exciting, stress free, fun and I love all the tips Mel had in ensuring I got mileage out of the clothes and shoes


Mel, My new clothes are helping me to reclaim a part of my identity that I hadn’t been honouring.
The ripple effect of wearing outfits that I love is truly profound! I’m feeling good in myself, seizing all sorts of opportunities, getting even more done (and receiving compliments daily). Engaging your assistance has been one of my highlights of the year! Can’t wait to do it again next season!


Mel made me feel so at ease, nailed my vibe and did all the hard work on the day. I simply walked in to the fitting room and everything was handpicked ready to try. I was so pleased with her choices and would never have been able to make a shopping experience so seamless or successful. Mel made every cent count, plus she’s also great fun and so so so lovely. Spending a day with her was an absolute treat


An amazing day with Mel today – started with the wardrobe edit then booked a shopping experience to fill the gaps and add some excitement! I am now the proud owner of a wardrobe that works, high-quality pieces and a catalogue of ways to mix and match across seasons. But that’s not all – Mel’s ability to leverage outlets and sales meant I got three times as many items for my budget.

Thanks Mel for challenging me to look and feel my best


My session with you Mel has had a lasting affect. My confidence has grown day by day since our consult. You have a knack for boosting women up and the fact that you helped me grow on the inside means I can shine that bit brighter on the outside. You definitely hit the sweet spot between professionalism and making it feel like a day with a big sister. You are making a real change and you come from such a genuine place in doing so – I’m so grateful I got to be a part of it. Thank you!


Working with Mel in both Wardrobe and Shop has left me feeling cleansed with a revived personal style that I LOVE! Always the professional, Mel took the time to understand me and the outcome I was looking for. I have walked away feeling fresh, confident, classy, stylish and BoHo corporate – Exactly what I was looking for! I can not recommend Mel enough. Thank you for guiding me and enabling me to light my wardrobe style sparkle!


Mel is extremely warm, welcoming, professional, approachable and non-judgmental. I learnt how to make use of what was already in my wardrobe and transition my clothes from summer to fall/winter. Mel put together looks that I never thought to do and they looked great and made me feel great! All this was promptly followed by sending me photos of my new outfits and any notes she took. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thanks Mel for breathing new life into my wardrobe!


The full package was incredible!

Mel’s initial consult and wardrobe edit really made me reconsider using so many pieces I would have otherwise chucked out. And she also helped me to chuck heaps of things out too!

From that Mel put together a shopping list and we arranged to meet the next week at 1pm in Flinders Lane (Melbourne). By the end of the four hours of shopping I realised I could never have done any of that on my own. It would have taken me so much time to work out which shops to go to and what pieces to select. Mel had already been to the shops beforehand and pre-selected items for me to try on. So when we would arrive at a shop I would just got straight into the change room and Mel would bring in clothes to try on.
Such a time saver and such value for for money. The thinking time of what to choose was completely taken away from me. Amazing!
The last session was Mel helping me put together all the clothes in my wardrobe into more than 50 different outfits, all saved in an album on my phone! Easy.

One of the questions Mel asked me in my initial consult was “How do you feel when you leave the house each day?”
Me: “angry” (I have 3 boys under 8)
Now I feel “put together and confident in what I’m wearing”
Mel definitely re-educated (or maybe just educated!) me about how to wear clothes in a way that I’ve always wanted to, and this was such a massive time saver.


You have an incredible gift Mel! This experience was SO MUCH MORE than I expected. I love my new wardrobe…. but what I love the most is how great it makes me feel. Thank you for genuinely caring enough to make sure I found this place in my self. If I could give you 10 star’s I would!!!


I just wanted to say a massive thank you again for helping me create a whole new wardrobe. Yesterday when we shopped, I bought things I would never had even considered prior to meeting you. I’m genuinely excited to get dressed for work tomorrow and the next day and the next.

To anyone who is currently ‘stalking’ Chelsea on social media, like I was, wondering if she could work her magic on you, the answer is Yes!

Thanks for helping me find my identity again and making me feel stylish and cool instead of frumpy and old!

I look forward to our next shopping trip x


“Hi Chelsea, I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for such a mind blowing shopping experience. It felt a bit like the princess in the Disney sleeping beauty movie with 3 fairy godmothers running around in circles dressing me, except there was only one of you and no magic, at least not that I knew of!
My wardrobe looks amazing now, even some of my old stuff is working harder, and we’re up to 24 outfit combos and counting. Thanks again!”


So, I’m a hard nut to crack. I know what I like, I love shopping and I lean towards glamour and flamboyance. But…my wardrobe was giving me a headache. So much stuff, some of it fabulous but nothing seemed to be easily put together anymore and I couldn’t work out what my style was. Enter one Chelsea Brice. She got me, and subtly but surely taught me some new tricks and how to re imagine my look. We culled and I can see air in my wardrobe for the 1st time! We shopped, for lovely items that can be mixed up. Getting dressed has suddenly become fun again and sooooo much quicker and less stressful. Clever lady this one. Lovely to boot. I am very grateful for the tips and rethinking and support. Xx


“Thank you” for the fabulous job you did with our makeup for the wedding on Saturday, 6/9. We both received some lovely compliments & I certainly felt good as the “Mother of the Groom.”


“Thankyou so much, you really helped make the day special.”It was the perfect day to evening look. Big eyes, glowing skin and a plump lip, my makeup stayed on all day and needed no touch ups through out the evening.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing such a beautiful job with our makeup for my wedding. We got so many compliments and you really made us all look fantastic! It was exactly what we wanted and lasted all day, and looked great both in person and in the photos. I really can’t thank you enough, and I’m so thrilled that we booked you. I would definitely book you again, and would absolutely recommend you without hesitation.”


“I am forever grateful for your advice, expertise and commitment to our special day. I really appreciate everything you did for me, you made me feel relieved after receiving your first email and after meeting with you at the trial, I was completely sold.

My bridesmaids looked beautiful, absolutely flawless and as for my own makeup, I loved it! I could not have wished for anything more. We chose the hottest day of the year (43 degrees) and our makeup lasted the whole evening.

I want to thank you for all that you have done to make our wedding photos look as incredible as they do. The memories will be cherished and last forever, they are nothing short of amazing.”


“Chelsea, I just want to say thank you so much. Right after we met my mum rocked up and the first thing that came out of her mouth was ‘wow, you look beautiful!’. You made me feel comfortable in my own body and I haven’t felt like that in years. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. Best chick out, I reckon!”

-Monique, 46 from South Yarra

“’Thank you Chelsea for an eye opening styling session. Your advice on the correct colour, clothing and style has taken 5 years off my almost 60 year old look – the session was certainly life changing and confidence boosting.

How amazing it is that the correct colours literally light up your complexion.

My wardrobe was OVERFLOWING with mostly unsuitable garments but after your wardrobe cleanse and our 3 hour shop, purchasing only 9 – 10 items, I now have an amazing selection of mix and match garments for any occasion.

With your advice I now realise it’s not about the clothes – it’s about the person wearing them, and if they are guided in the right direction they can create a sensational wardrobe with only a few garments and always look great.

Thanks again for the confident boosting session.

The compliments keeps coming on my new look.”

-Jenny, 57 from Rosebud

“My main reason for seeking a styling session was to work out “what do I wear at my age” and how can I cover those extra kilos I gained over winter.

I got more than I bargained for when I met up with the gorgeous Chelsea. For starters, Chelsea taught me that I don’t have to spend hundreds of $$$ on an outfit to look good. Chelsea showed me what colours suited my complexion and what style of clothes I should wear to compliment my best assets.

My sisters are my best critics and when they visited me from interstate they couldn’t get over how good I looked. My new styling session has stood the test of time and I’m amazed at the compliments I am receiving from my friends. I am loving my “new” look and definitely walking around with new found confidence in myself.

Chelsea gave me my personalized styling tips on handy little stack-away cards. I can always refer back to them when in doubt.

Thank you Chelsea girl. I was apprehensive about getting a personal stylist, but you made me feel at ease right from the start and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty pumped and haven’t stopped feeling this good.”

-Andrea, 53 from Geelong

“Your personal styling session and subsequent shopping experience has inspired me no end! I usually hate to shop and I never seem to get what I need! Having you along ensured I got all the holes in my wardrobe covered and now I even have a shoe for every occasion – instead of relying on just a couple of pairs to get me through, rather badly! I’m experiencing true freedom – LOL really – I’m excited about getting dressed each day! I know this probably sound ridiculously trite to many of you but seriously – I’m feeling great in my clothes and it’s helping to make every day just that little bit more fabulous!!!”

-Victoria, 43 from Malvern East

“Shopping to me was at most times depressing, sometimes never trying on clothes just buying them whether I needed them or not. Why, because the clothes I was buying never made me feel beautiful. I thought if I brought what was in fashion then that’s good enough… Well then I had my wardrobe review with Chelsea. She showed me so much in so little time. 1 I was buying clothes way too big for me. 2. Just because it’s fashion doesn’t mean it is right for you. 3. Look at clothes when buying them to see how many ways can I wear this with other items in the wardrobe.

Our shopping spree was the best experience I have ever had. 1st pair of jeans I tried on, yep tears (tears of joy) and lots of them. They made me look at least 2 sizes smaller. Before Chelsea I was buying 2 sizes bigger than I needed!!! We had that wow factor quiet a few times that day.

I have been shopping on my own since and I can’t believe how different I shop plus to shop in the shops I always said to myself ” Fleur those clothes won’t fit you don’t bother”

Chelsea you have changed my world in so many ways, I now walk out my front door with a feeling of “world just take a look at me!!!! A lot of my friends are commenting on how I look now.

If you sound a little bit like me then you must see Chelsea. In the long run she will save you money on wasted items and make you feel million dollars.”

-Fleur, 35 from Cheltenham

“Wow! Chelsea’s insight, knowledge, empathy, and passion for what she does…along with a great sense of humour…has given me a great new wardrobe that enhances my body and who I am now, not the old me I was still dressing. For the first time in years I’m looking forward to going shopping with confidence. I highly recommend her services … I’ll be using them again.”

-Felicity, 46 from Port Melbourne

“After having a depressing wardrobe for years, I called upon Chelsea to do something & that she did! She came, saw, consulted & waved her magic. I have never felt so confident especially in pieces I never dreamed of wearing. She pointed out what my assets are instead of me focusing on what I don’t like & wanted to cover. I highly recommend Chelsea to both men & women she will rock your wardrobe & your world”

-Jaki, 35 from Rosebud

“I had a wonderful opportunity to go shopping with the lovely Chelsea Brice and my two sisters. Not being “a shopper”, I was amazed at my own enthusiasm to get to the next shop, dressing room, counter, to fill some more bags. We were almost the first to get to the shopping centre and definitely the last car in the park!! Chelsea taught me how to shop with confidence and colour. The fact that all of my purchases can be mixed with most of my existing wardrobe is a bonus. Thank you Chelsea for helping me see that shopping for clothes will no longer be a chore, but an adventure. Am looking forward to doing it all again.”

-Suzi, 52 from Adelaide

“I stumbled upon Chelsea’s website when I was putting together a professional wardrobe to take away with me for an extended interstate assignment staying in a Hotel.

It was the best thing I have done, and I now wish I had done it years earlier.
 We started by auditing my existing wardrobe and then with Chelsea’s help and planning we visited shops that she had already investigated for styles and fabrics that would suit me and my budget.
 I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have learnt so much that I will apply to my solo shopping trips in the future.
 Chelsea is not only a clever stylist, but she is fun to be around, and boosted my confidence in presenting myself at my best.

I have recommended her to friends and they have had similar experiences.

-Noeleen, 58 from Elwood

“Thank you Chelsea for an amazing day. I feel so different and free. Love breaking the rules and thinking laterally.
My partner was knocked sideways when he saw me. He loved the look and it certainly turned some heads as well. We did some serious shopping and put in a full day.

It really has made me feel sooooooo much better about my body and about me. You have a great gift for dressing us more mature women”

-Robyn, 62 from Ringwood

“After having gone through this styling experience it’s clear that there really is a skill to it all. I really appreciate the great lengths you went to understand what I needed, what I already had that was (and wasn’t) working, as well as what would work for my lifestyle and my body shape. It was clear that you did a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that we got the most out of our shopping time together.

I was so surprised at the amount of great items we picked up within my budget, and that you were able to identify which pieces to invest in and where we were able to mix some of the more expensive pieces with some absolute bargains (which I hadn’t expected). I’m really happy with all the piece that we bought and 

I’m still shocked with what we were able to achieve in 5 hours.

All of this works back with what we decided to keep in my existing wardrobe and it all looks and fits great. 

There is no way that I would have been able to achieve what we did in 5 hours even over the course of a couple of weekends, so it’s also saved me weekends of shopping, not knowing what to buy, or buying the wrong things. Can’t recommend your services highly enough and just really wanted to say thank-you for really listening to what I thought I needed and then translating that into a style that works for my life and makes me feel amazing. I can’t reiterate how great value for money your time and expertise have delivered, or what an enjoyable and easy experience it was.”

-Katie, 33 from Port Melbourne

“Chelsea, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me with my outfits to pack and wear before my big work trip to Milan. It made such a huge difference and I had comments such as ‘glamorous’ and ‘stylish’ thrown at me by clients who didn’t recognize me over there.

I’m so happy and much more confidant now. I open my wardrobe each day and now know exactly what to wear, all while looking and feeling fab!”

-Emma, 27 from Edithvale

“This has been such a fun and uplifting experience. Chelsea’s knowledge, professionalism, patience and kindness blew me away.

I had recently moved house and in my mind had de-cluttered my wardrobe quiet significantly…. not so after working with Chelsea. During our first session she began to understand what my preferred style was, she listened, stepped me through the process and made me feel totally comfortable.

I spare you the details but a lot more of my wardrobe ended up in a big pile, I was so surprised and a little confronted by it all, but Chelsea’s ability to make you feel comfortable is one of her many skills.

The following week Chelsea took me shopping and upon arrival she had already selected all the items she thought would suit me. I loved every single piece she had picked and she has definitely spoilt me now. My shopping life will never be the same, it was the best experience ever.

Chelsea thank you so much for making me feel like a million dollars, you are an amazing stylist and i will continue to work with you and recommend you to all my clients”.


“Chelsea really impressed my husband and I with her professionalism. We weren’t quiet sure how a stylist would work and as it turned out there is a definite process that Chelsea uses. She really took the time to get to the bottom of what was most important to each of us personally. She was not concerned with achieving just a super styled outcome for each of us but she really wanted to understand what we each loved and what would make us feel really happy and confident.

Through working with Chelsea on the styling and wardrobe edit package I’ve now got the tools to stop me from wasting our money on clothes. Chelsea narrowed down what I need to look for in clothing to make sure it looks amazing and compliments my figure. It was like the penny dropped. I had never really looked at myself properly in the mirror and couldn’t quite understand how a piece of clothing I loved was so hard to co-ordinate or feel good in once I got it home. I have so much more head space in the mornings and before I head out for a special lunch or dinner. The confidence I have in shopping now is fantastic, I won’t settle for something that doesn’t hit the mark, it’s got to be a piece I love!!

Lastly the way Chelsea worked with my husband blew me away. He can be quite shy and Chelsea was validating and firm with what works and what doesn’t. Through the shop she was so In tune with how he was feeling and what made him feel terrific. He absolutely loves his new wardrobe and feels back on track. What he is wearing is now a true reflection of who he has become.

So Chelsea, thank you so so much for being fun, professional and giving us back our groove after many years of being buried in raising a family!!!”


“I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful evening shopping, I love my new clothes and have received so many compliments about my new look. I feel so much more confident and have bought and worn things that I would never have looked at in the past. Clothes may be the window dressings but they certainly have helped me feel more attractive and comfortable in my new body. I had a wonderful time shopping with you and have been recommending your services to anyone that will listen.”


“I can’t tell you how much I loved our shopping trip (love and shopping are 2 words I never thought I’d put in the same sentence!) You taught me so much and now I feel empowered to shop for myself and confident that I will actually consider whether the clothes are actually flattering rather than whether they fit! I’m also actually excited about heading out with girlfriends as I feel great in the clothes we chose.

Whenever I have shopped before, I have left feeling a bit down and self conscious about myself. Friday was exactly the opposite as you switched my thinking and focus. I think I look great in my new clothes and feel proud of my body!

A huge mindset shift so I can’t thank you enough. Best gift ever and I will be back for sure. Trouble is is that I want to use you all the time now!

You’re so good at what you do and so lovely with it. Perfect combination”


“I love walking into my wardrobe now, its amazing & makes me smile every time. I can’t believe how much happier & more confident I am wearing stylish clothes that actually fit me. And I think the jeans are the most comfortable pants i have ever owned”


”Like most guys I have always had a strong aversion to shopping. After a recent wardrobe clean out I realised I had no clothes left …enter Chelsea. Chelsea provided an efficient, seamless service. After our initial briefing we met in town where my entire wardrobe had been pre selected ready to try on. 2 hours later I walked away with a new wardrobe. Chelsea’s selections were on point and she challenged me to ensure my wardrobe became versatile and complete. Highly recommended!”


“Thank you so much Chelsea, I normally leave the shops feeling unhappy with little to no purchases, constantly trying on things that aren’t right for me & today was the complete opposite. I actually enjoyed shopping & left with so many options that I’m excited to wear!”


“Such an amazing day shopping. So excited for my new wardrobe & mum looks amazing too! Chelsea you are brilliant. Never shopping by myself again”

-Ky Furneaux

“Hi Chelsea, I think I may be just just a little bit in love with you! I woke top this morning and had an immediate feeling of “clean” when I looked at my cupboard. You are fan-freakin-tastic”


“A huge THANK YOU to Chelsea for my ‘brand new’ wardrobe im absolutely over the moon. You work incredibly hard for each & every client & I cannot thank you enough. You have made me a very happy lady & I look forward to doing a winter top up!”