“Once I made the decision to change my career and start my own business, I realised that it wasn’t just my employment that needed a makeover it was my look too, and I was ready to admit I needed some serious help.

From the first step Emilia made me feel comfortable and confident that I was making the right move and that it was going to be an exciting and rewarding journey. I was amazed at how detailed the process was from the in depth questions and mirror work, through to the wardrobe consultation, shopping experience and integration of the new clothes in with my existing clothes. I really felt like Emilia was 100% there for me, and championing me to achieve my goal of going from flab to fabulous.

The biggest surprise of the stylist process was stepping into the first shop and realising the daunting process of picking clothes off the rack was already done for me. The level of professionalism when dealing with both myself and shop staff was impressive. I didn’t have to worry about a thing and the shop staff were excited to work with us and accommodating to all our needs. With all the clothing choices, Emilia was spot on for what I needed and pushed me to try new looks that were outside of my standard ‘uniform’. I was thrilled with my new look and items to add to my collection.”