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We specialise in shopping to help you create a smart, hardworking wardrobe that leaves you feeling confident and loving what you wear

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These are more than just shopping trips. We bring fun, passion plus a world of advice and knowledge to each session creating an awesome experience whether in Melbourne or Brisbane. We have a range of

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Melbourne Personal
Fashion Stylist and Shopper

“When you focus on wearing what makes you FEEL good, it ignites a self-confidence you either forgot existed, or didn’t know you had.”

How we start our day is so important, which is why that morning ritual of getting dressed needs to be an empowering one to prepare us for the day ahead. If we look amazing, we feel amazing, so imagine how differently your day could go if you left the house feeling like the best version of YOU.

Personal stylists & shoppers creating wardrobes that work hard

As Melbourne (includes Richmond plus St Kilda areas) and now Brisbane based personal fashion stylists and wardrobe consultants, we understand that shopping can be overwhelming; you may not understand what suits, you need advice or struggle to find clothing that fits you best, you don’t know where to start, where to shop or what to choose! This can make shopping daunting, leaving you so frustrated that you end up either giving up or making those costly mistake purchases.

Wear what makes you feel good

Let my team of personal shoppers and I inspire you to create a style that feels like YOU, a fashionable wardrobe that leaves you excited to get dressed, full items that can easily be mixed and matched. Whether you want a full makeover, a wardrobe refresh or are in desperate need of advice or new inspiration, we’ll take the hard work out of shopping and give our best to make sure you leave each session feeling amazing.

We offer style consultations throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond

All our personal sessions begin with a style consultation to ensure that we understand what you would love to achieve in your makeover, your lifestyle, budget and what’s important to you when it comes to dressing.

A "Pre-Shop" is also included in all our shopping packages, meaning we arrive to fashion stores before you and start sourcing options and ideas (based on your initial consultation).

This gives us a head start with our shopping session, so that our time together isn't entirely spent blind shopping for all our items and we get loads more done in a short space of time.

You will also receive "exclusive stylist discounts" from selected brands that you wouldn't normally receive shopping on your own. This can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars alone for your wardrobe makeover.

We offer our services throughout Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, including Richmond and St Kilda and now in Brisbane, Christchurch Merivale and beyond

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"Clothing can have the power to transform your state of mind."
"Dress with confidence & you’re likely to act with confidence."
- Chelsea B


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What my clients have to say

Nancy I want to thank you for such a successful day. I can hands down say, that I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident in clothes as I have since we did our shop. I think the biggest lesson was on sizing and and “firm, not tight” rule. I feel more comfortable, warmer and more myself.


Hi Chelsea,

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with lovely Nancy shopping for workwear. I feel my work wardrobe is quite bland and I stick to the same staple pieces. I think I’m quite good with styling going out pieces, but struggle with work!!

Nancy took the time to get to know the type of work I do and find pieces that would suit my work environment.

Nancy was able to help me put together some really lovely pieces that made me feel great. Exactly the look I was trying to achieve. The best part was that Nancy helped me ‘ think outside the square’ I remember shouting this out to her whilst I was inside the change room!!

I now have the confidence to be more fun and creative.

Thank You Nancy


My shopping experience with Nancy was incredible. I have always struggled with finding how to dress for my shape with a bigger bust and Nancy helped me do exactly that! She showed me things that I normally wouldn’t even take off the rack and put them together in an outfit that was completely me. I loved how she opened up a completely new colour palette to me that I thought would never suit me!

Must mention her patience with a very fussy shopper, however Nancy nailed my brief of effortless and chic. Would highly recommend this for ANY female or male who spends far too much time and money on purchasing the wrong items.