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Our essence is fun, and our purpose is to connect, understand you, and up level your style. We specialise in creating shopping experiences that are both productive and empowering to make a lasting difference not only on your wardrobe, but your life. We promise to inspire you to step up, dress with confidence and stop settling for anything less than effortless mornings and “Wearing What Makes YOU FEEL Good”

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This experience is an incredibly thoughtful gift, and we promise to make sure your loved one feels comfortable, heard and empowered throughout the whole session

They will be in very safe hands if you gift them a style experience with us, or even better send a hint to get one for yourself 😉 


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“When you focus on wearing what makes you FEEL good, it ignites a self-confidence you either forgot existed, or didn’t know you had.”

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How we start our day is so important, which is why that morning ritual of getting dressed needs to be an empowering one to prepare us for the day ahead. If we look amazing, we feel amazing, so imagine how differently your day could go if you left the house feeling like the best version of YOU.

Personal stylists & shoppers creating wardrobes that work hard

As Melbourne, Brisbane and now New Zealand based personal stylists and wardrobe consultants, we understand that shopping can be overwhelming; you may not understand what suits, you may need advice or struggle to find clothing that fits you best, you don’t know where to start, where to shop or what to choose! This can make shopping daunting, leaving you so frustrated that you end up either giving up or making repeated costly mistake purchases.

Wear what makes you feel good!

We are all about style empowerment. We're a team of expert and personal shoppers wanting to help you to create a style that feels like YOU, and wardrobe that leaves you excited to get dressed, full items that can easily be mixed and matched. Whether you want a full overhaul / makeover, a wardrobe refresh or are in desperate need of advice and new inspiration, we’ll take the hard work out of shopping and make sure you leave each session feeling amazing.

We offer style consultations throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand and beyond

All our personal sessions begin with a style consultation to ensure that we understand what you would love to achieve in your new style, also considering your lifestyle, budget and what’s important to you when it comes to dressing.

A "Pre-Shop" is also included in all our shopping packages, meaning we arrive to fashion stores before you and start sourcing options and ideas (based on your initial consultation).

This gives us a head start in our shopping session, so that our time together isn't entirely spent blind shopping for all our items and we get loads more done in a short space of time. During our unique process we will encourage you to see yourself and your clothes in a new whole new light, and by the end of your session you will not only have enhanced your style, but also your inner confidence.

You will also receive "exclusive stylist discounts" from selected brands that you wouldn't normally receive shopping on your own. This can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars alone for your wardrobe makeover.

We offer our services throughout Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, including Richmond and St Kilda and now in Brisbane, Christchurch, Auckland Merivale and beyond

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"Clothing can have the power to transform your state of mind."
"Dress with confidence & you’re likely to act with confidence."
- Chelsea B


Do you avoid social events because you don’t have anything to wear?

The amount of women I’ve worked with over the years who say that they’ve either turned down or cancelled social events just because they don’t have anything that feels good to wear upsets me…

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Caring about fashion “can” be vanity, however caring about style “can” be an opportunity for growth

I love to look at a client’s wardrobe, listen to what they are saying, and find the disconnect between the two. Baggy clothes can sometimes indicate body image issues, lots of clothes but nothing to

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When you look in the mirror…

When you look in the mirror, is there one spot you always focus on? And do you decide your worthiness and self love based on this one spot of your body? During each session we’re not only dedica

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What my clients have to say

Dear Chelsea, I wanted to send a thank you note for all your help in reviving my wardrobe. I was a little nervous about engaging the services of a stylist, as didn’t want to be styled as such. I had no need to worry however, you listened to my needs, were patient when I didn’t like something and I have walked away with a fantastic wardrobe of items that are all “me”. I would highly recommend to others your help in clearing out your existing wardrobe, as it has really helped me rediscover the items I love in there which were lost amongst the clutter. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it on my own! I look forward to engaging your services again in the future when I need a top up or new season.


Hi Chelsea and Nancy, I wanted to send you both a message to express my appreciation and thanks for a truly great experience. It has only been a few short weeks, but for the first time in a long time, when I open up my wardrobe I am excited by what I see and excited by the possibilities. I see colour, I see sparkles and I have a massive smile on my face! More than just a new wardrobe, I feel like I gained so much from the session. One thing that has really stuck with me was some of the pieces that I was really unsure about on the hanger are some of the pieces I love the most. The lesson for me, don’t judge the clothing on the hanger and take the time to experiment and try things on. I am so much more confident now, I have even gone out and purchased a few additional pieces (including the sparkle knit from Forever New). You have helped reignite my love of clothes and shopping. And whilst my biggest issue remains “what am I going to wear” it is only an issue because I have an amazing wardrobe! I look forward to doing a spring/summer top up with you both 🙂


Nancy is a miracle worker ⭐️ Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. I absolutely loved my shopping experience and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in a style rut!  I’ll be back!!! 💖