Personal Styling Packages

My Personal Styling Packages are designed to achieve different outcomes

Don’t see anything that suits you to a T? Get in touch, and together we can tailor something that works for you!

Revive Me - Wardrobe Session

Clutter has the power to create confusion. Let’s spend the time identifying what pieces in your wardrobe work for you, then focus on decluttering what doesn’t.

We will re-organise your wardrobe so each time you open it, you know where everything is, and it’s full of options that work for you.

Perfect for someone who has trouble letting go of items.


  • 30 Minute at Home Style Consultation
  • 2 Hour Wardrobe Review and Declutter
  • Includes a hit list of missing items & ideas of where to find some of them

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Revive Me - Shopping Trip

Are you lost in your style? Maybe feeling less than amazing in what you wear every day? During this shopping trip, we’ll teach you the basic knowledge of what suits your shape, where to shop and how to get these items working hard together to create your new style.

Perfect for someone who isn’t sure where to start with their next shop.


  • 30 Minute Phone or Skype Style Consultation
  • 30 Minute Complimentary Pre-Shop (Stylist Only)
  • 2 Hour Shopping Session

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Sharpen Your Style

Are you constantly buying clothes you never actually wear? An impulse shopper perhaps? Or do you open your wardrobe each morning feeling overwhelmed and just end up wearing the same thing over and over?

It’s not unusual to get stuck in a style rut, however what most people don’t realise is that it can be hard to get out of on your own. This package will teach you how to “shop smart” by first identifying the gaps in your wardrobe, then with our mission list in hand we hit the shops to fill what’s missing to pull it all together. You’ll gain confidence in how to shop smarter, plus dress up and down your outfits all to suit your shape, budget, style and lifestyle.

Perfect for someone who wants their existing wardrobe to work harder


  • 30 Minute at Home Style Consultation
  • 1 Hour Wardrobe Review
  • 45 Minute Complimentary Pre-Shop (Stylist Only)
  • 2.5 Hour Shopping Session

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VIP Package - The New You

This one is the GAME CHANGER and we promise this package will leave you feeling like a totally new woman who now pulls outfits together easily every morning, and walks out the door with confidence, whatever your lifestyle.

We will take all the stress out of your mornings by first reviewing your current wardrobe to understand what’s missing, then cleansing the items that no longer serve you. For our second session, we meet you at the stores to get your wardrobe sorted in practically one hit, plus will photograph of all the outfits created on the day in our mix and match session. Dressing is now made easy each morning when all you have to do is flip back through the photos and choose which outfit to wear. You’re now leaving the house each day both looking good and feeling amazing in what you wear.

Perfect if you’re time poor, overwhelmed at the thought of shopping, struggle to find anything to wear, have completely lost your style, or maybe even ready for a whole “New You”


  • 30 Minute at Home Style Consultation
  • Up to 2 Hour Wardrobe Review & Wardrobe Declutter
  • 1.5 Hour Complimentary Pre-Shop (Stylist Only)
  • 4.5 Hour Shopping Session Including Below
  • Photographed Mix and Match Session While Out Shopping
  • Outfit Pictures Sent to You in Grid Form to Easily View

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