Meet The Team

We pride ourselves in delivering a styling service that leaves you not only "looking great, but also feeling amazing" in what you wear. We will empower you with our “smart shopping skills" to create wardrobes that works incredibly hard, while using innovative styling techniques to up level your self-confidence and assure you feel completely amazing in what you wear, no matter what your lifestyle.

Our styling team are highly trained in the "psychology around dressing" all holding a Certificate of Professional Style and Image with “Australian Style Institute” and strongly believe that clothing can have the power to affect your confidence, mood and how you feel each day, which is why you will walk away from our sessions with so much more than just new outfits and tips.

We choose not to get too caught up in the latest fast fashion trends, instead opting to focus on hard-working staple pieces that still have that current feel, but most importantly last the distance and make YOU feel like YOU.

Our essence is fun, and our purpose is to connect, understand you, and up level your style. We specialise in creating shopping experiences that are both productive and empowering to make a lasting difference not only on your wardrobe, but your life. We promise to inspire you to step up, dress with confidence and stop settling for anything less than effortless mornings and “Wearing What Makes YOU FEEL Good”


Head Stylist and Founder of Chelsea Brice Style

She’s the beauty, style and brains behind this business with an energy that will leave you feeling empowered and lit from the inside.

This award-winning stylist is an inspiration to others with her positive attitude, drive and utter love for what she does shining through when working with clients, giving them a new-found confidence within themselves to make this a life changing experience while effortlessly creating a wardrobe they absolutely love.

Chelsea understands the power of investing in herself, which lead her to delve deep in to not only the best styling education she could find, but also multiple courses in personal-development, human behaviour and effective communication. She continues to this day to work with one of the world’s top mindset and self-love coaches assuring she walks through this life fulfilled, sharing her unique skillset with whomever she works with.

Some would say she’s at the height of her happiness, engaged to marry the love of her life Matt, spreading her time over 2 beautiful locations Melbourne and Christchurch, and certainly living her life on purpose making others feel awesome.

This is a woman who manifested success throughout a time when the world stood still. Lockdown gave Chelsea the stillness to reflect on how powerful her services would be for people returning to their “new normal”. Knowing how vital it is for people to get back into to a state of “feeling good” again to move forward, she hired a team of exceptional woman to help her inspire others to achieve confidence both inside and out.

Chelsea has chosen each of her team members very carefully, and created styling packages that will not only inspire the hell out of you, but make sure shopping is easy, fun and you walk away feeling freaking incredible.

Chelsea works with both men and women who are ready to invest in themselves. They’re done settling for “that will do”, have had enough of pouring money down the drain on repeated mistake purchases, and sick of their days being impacted by stress of what to wear and overwhelming thoughts of “this doesn’t feel good”.

Due to Chelsea’s trail of loyal repeat clients and spreading her time between two countries, sessions with her are limited, which means booking in advance is essential.


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Senior Stylist

You’ll immediately feel a sense of trust when in Mel’s presence. Her genuine curiosity for others, paired back with her integrity to get the job done makes for a perfect balance to ensure you leave her sessions feeling excited to wear your new wardrobe and incredibly fulfilled with all your new purchases.

This incredible mother of 2 brings so much warmth to her sessions and has an uncanny ability to help others see themselves in a whole new light. She will guide you effortlessly through the process to find a style that you not only feel confident in but feel like the best version of yourself.

As a self-confessed “style chameleon” and a true lover of all things colour, Mel is a total natural when it comes to creating unique wardrobes, and her infectious personality and stylish flair will bring loads of light and fun to your session no matter what your lifestyle.

For Mel, getting dressed each day and feeling like herself has always been easy, which is why she made it her mission to teach and empower others to do the same.

She’s raw, has a heart of gold and will fill you with positive vibes every moment you spend with her.

Mel, I'm so happy with our session. I feel so much more confident and got plenty of comments. Such a good feeling. Thanks for making that happen!

- Jess

Mel, Thanks so much for our session. I'm THRILLED with my purchases and so grateful to you for all that you did. I had such a great time and my family have received a full fashion show as a result xx


Senior Stylist

She might be the newest member to our team, however Emilia certainly isn’t new to the world of personal styling.

Poached by Chelsea herself, this woman is worth her weight in gold and carries the gift of making you instantly feel at ease and a knowing that you’re in a safe space to be open and honest when you work with Emilia.

She will encourage you to push your style boundaries in ways that feels right for you, and her attention to detail along with deep intuition of knowing what will work, guarantees you leave her sessions feeling amazing, completely deserving of the experience, and totally owning your new style.

Originally from Slovakia, Emilia went on to spend 5 years living in Paris (The fashion capital of the world), finally settling here in Melbourne 7 years ago and comes to us with an abundance of experience, style, knowledge, brand awareness and invaluable passion.

She’s energetic, bubbly, a lot of fun to be around and loves working with all types of styles to keep her creative vibe alive while gifting clients the power to change the way they look at themselves

Check out the Women's Packages

And the Men's Packages


Personal & Styling Assistant

Nancy has very natural way of instantly connecting and communicating with anyone she meets.

She makes you smile and feel completely comfortable when you talk to her, so if you ever get the chance, I’m sure you will fall head over heels just like I did.

Nancy will be your first point of contact for all email enquiries, handles our bookings, and assist in item sourcing so our styling sessions run smoothly.

Nancy comes from a PA, fashion and makeup background. However, we’ve since discovered her natural ability to understand our clients style needs, often sourcing the perfect pieces to help pull our client wardrobes together. So, as an extremely valued member of the team, there will be way more to come from her in the future (WATCH THIS SPACE)

She is organised, very efficient and I believe “everybody needs Nancy in their life”

Check out the Women's Packages

And the Men's Packages