Mel makes you feel relaxed while asking questions to better understand what you’re looking for. No judgement passed; just listening and probing to get the most out of the styling sessions.

The wardrobe edit is a must before shopping. There were many clothes I thought would have to go but Mel helped me find ways to wear many of them with other items I hadn’t even imagined or just wear them differently to give a completely new look to suit my body shape. That helped save the budget for the shopping still required. (Btw, Mel has a knack for sourcing investment pieces *and* bargain buys!)

I hate shopping as it’s normally so hard for me to find clothing to suit my body shape. Mel’s shopping experience with me was a breeze!! Mel did the hard work before I arrived, sourcing pieces we both agreed in advance were missing to “complete the look” or prevented me from moving toward having a capsule wardrobe. A fun, 4 hour experience that flew by! (Did I just really say that?!) I now have items and colours I never even considered beforehand but love so much now.

Thank you, Mel, for giving me renewed styling confidence with my work wardrobe, and educating me along the way so I can use the same principles to address my personal style!