Mel’s full package was incredible!

Mel’s initial consult and wardrobe edit really made me reconsider using so many pieces I would have otherwise chucked out. And she also helped me to chuck heaps of things out too!

From that Mel put together a shopping list and we arranged to meet the next week at 1pm in Flinders Lane (Melbourne). By the end of the four hours of shopping I realised I could never have done any of that on my own. It would have taken me so much time to work out which shops to go to and what pieces to select. Mel had already been to the shops beforehand and pre-selected items for me to try on. So when we would arrive at a shop I would just got straight into the change room and Mel would bring in clothes to try on.

Such a time saver and such value for for money. The thinking time of what to choose was completely taken away from me. Amazing!

The last session was Mel helping me put together all the clothes in my wardrobe into more than 50 different outfits, all saved in an album on my phone! Easy.

One of the questions Mel asked me in my initial consult was “How do you feel when you leave the house each day?”

Me: “angry” (I have 3 boys under 8)

Now I feel “put together and confident in what I’m wearing”

Style-Bird definitely re-educated (or maybe just educated!) me about how to wear clothes in a way that I’ve always wanted to. And such a massive time saver.