Hi Chelsea and Nancy, I wanted to send you both a message to express my appreciation and thanks for a truly great experience. It has only been a few short weeks, but for the first time in a long time, when I open up my wardrobe I am excited by what I see and excited by the possibilities. I see colour, I see sparkles and I have a massive smile on my face! More than just a new wardrobe, I feel like I gained so much from the session. One thing that has really stuck with me was some of the pieces that I was really unsure about on the hanger are some of the pieces I love the most. The lesson for me, don’t judge the clothing on the hanger and take the time to experiment and try things on. I am so much more confident now, I have even gone out and purchased a few additional pieces (including the sparkle knit from Forever New). You have helped reignite my love of clothes and shopping. And whilst my biggest issue remains “what am I going to wear” it is only an issue because I have an amazing wardrobe! I look forward to doing a spring/summer top up with you both 🙂