From gym clothes to glamorous

“When I met Emilia I was nervous that she would tell me I needed a whole new wardrobe. Even though my closet was bursting to the seams with clothes, I could never find anything to wear. Going out was frustrating whether it was out for dinner, drinks or to a friend’s house. I lived mostly in my gym clothes and trackies! Emilia arrived and I soon relaxed as we went through my wardrobe and she identified some amazing key pieces that I already owned and showed me how I could put them all together to create several different outfits. Using the same pieces we created some casual and some dressy outfits and she helped me to understand that I could look nice even if I was going to a garden party – “why couldn’t you wear this to a garden party?” she challenged. It made me really think about the nice clothes that I own and never wear – what’s the point of owning them if you do not wear them?

Emilia explained to me how I could dress up or down my clothes just by accessorising and changing my shoes. She helped me to understand the styles of clothes that suited me and what styles were flattering for my figure so I could shop for myself in the future without needing her there to hold my hand! Emilia also gave me some suggestions on what pieces I could add to my wardrobe to enhance what I already own. Amazing, I don’t need a whole new wardrobe!

Emilia was so much fun and I felt really comfortable around her. I had a great time trying on all my clothes and she helped me let go of clothing that I was holding onto for sentimental reasons but were no use to me. It was a very cleansing experience and I have a much neater wardrobe now! I refer back to the pictures of the styles that Emilia took of me and have already worn several new outfits, all from the clothes that are in my wardrobe already! Love it!”