“After countless mornings deliberating what to wear from a sea of mismatched clothes, I decided I could not continue wasting my mornings changing from outfit to another as it had become exhausting. I found Emilia through a networking group and took the plunge!

Emilia was professional, prompt and talented.

When we first met, my wardrobe was making my head spin and I was struggling to match pieces with accessories and was really questioning my purchases – I had severe buyers remorse. During our first styling session, Emilia established my style and pulled together the most flattering looks, using clothes I already had! By accessorising and styling the clothes somewhat differently, my clothes looked completely different on me. It was a revelation!! To assist me to re-create these looks in the future, Emilia photographed each of them and sent them through to keep in a look book.

As it turned out, I did not need to dash out and buy a whole new wardrobe, in fact it was decided only 2 new dresses were required to complete it. Emilia researched the style I was after and led me to her selections on our shopping excursion. Everything she selected was “on the money”, so I did need to show some restraint, but I am thrilled with the final two, one of which was ridiculously reduced – yay to that!

I can highly recommend Emilia to anyone wanting to review their wardrobe and upgrade their look. Thank you Emilia!”