Oh Mel, where do I start!!

I am so thankful for what you have shown & taught me. I started off thinking that I had nothing in my wardrobe, so therefore it would not be worth getting you in there, Boy was I WRONG!! You created over 30 outfits with what I already had hanging. Items I had never worn or was going to donate away. You showed me what suited my body shape & more importantly you allowed me to express my own style, whilst still feeling comfortable. All this before you had even taken me shopping, wow!!!
Then we hit the shops……..you dressed me in clothing that I would have never looked at & certainly would have never tried on. I love how you created so many mix & match outfits, maximizing on what I spent. And not once did you make me feel like I was obligated to buy something out of my budget or that I didn’t feel great wearing.

You also introduced me to quality shopping & investing in a wardrobe that I
will actually wear.

You are so inspiring & have given me a new found love for my body.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience, I’m so pleased I did it.
Love & hugs xxoo