Mel made me feel so at ease, nailed my vibe and did all the hard work on the day. I simply walked in to the fitting room and everything was handpicked ready to try. I was so pleased with her choices and would never have been able to make a shopping experience so seamless or successful. Mel made every cent count, plus she’s also great fun and so so so lovely. Spending a day with her was an absolute treat – Erynn

Mel, My new clothes are helping me to reclaim a part of my identity that I hadn’t been honouring.
The ripple effect of wearing outfits that I love is truly profound! I’m feeling good in myself, seizing all sorts of opportunities, getting even more done (and receiving compliments daily). Engaging your assistance has been one of my highlights of the year! Can’t wait to do it again next season! – Wendy

You have an incredible gift Mel! This experience was SO MUCH MORE than I expected. I love my new wardrobe…. but what I love the most is how great it makes me feel. Thank you for genuinely caring enough to make sure I found this place in my self. If I could give you 10 star’s I would!!!