Chelsea’s Top 5 Transeasonal Pieces From Witchery

Witchery Picks

As we slowly creep towards Spring, I’ve put together my Top 5 transeasonal pieces from Witchery, available right now.

These will be worn from season to season because of their versatility, which is what a hardworking wardrobe is built on!

All the pieces can be purchased directly from this shoppable video!

Simply click on the image to join me as I talk through each item and how to get the most value from it in your wardrobe.

Or scroll down to read my exclusive styling tips for each piece.

5 Transeasonal Picks From Witchery

1. Mom JeanA high-rise jean that becomes fuller through the hips and bum, and then tapers right down to the ankle.

Key styling points:

a. This style suits women with fuller hips, bum, and thigh area because it follows the natural curves in those areas to highlight their beautiful shape.
b. People with a smaller waist who want to accentuate their hips and potentially their bum need to try a mom jean.
c. If you’ve got a straight up and own silhouette, this shape might not suit you because of the extra fabric around the belly.

2. Shirt DressA shirt dress with a shirring through the body (elastic sewn into the fabric) makes the garment super comfortable. This is flattering on both big busted and smaller busted frames and it will really help to highlight and create the shape.

Key styling points:
a. Great for pregnant women to show off their bump as shirring can provide comfort as their tummy expands.
b. Shirt dresses are so practical! You can wear it through summer and layer underneath it with thermals and leggings with a blazer over the top when its winter time.
c. Be mindful of the length when it comes to shirtdresses. If you’re trying to elongate your body or legs, be careful with the dead straight line on the widest part of your calf. Wearing a heel or boot does the trick, but if you put it on and you just automatically feel short, have a look at the hemline and see where it’s actually sitting.

3. Double Breasted BlazerThis jacket is great for Autumn, Winter and moving early Spring.

Key styling points:
a. Gold buttons that are not too shiny are nice subtle statements.
b. The nips right through the waist are perfect and don’t drown the body when worn with longer dresses.
c. When purchasing a Double Breasted Blazer, size down because they typically come in a larger fit. (If you’re normally size 8 in most of the brands, move to a 6 for this particular blazer.)

4. Linen High Neck Blouse Linen can be worn right through Spring and Summer.

Key styling points:
a. Layer a thermal underneath it for warmth and hitch the sleeves up so it couldn’t be seen under this.
b. Sharpened shoulders are ideal for people who have round shoulders or just want their shoulders sharpened; this shirt detail is great while keeping that silhouette.
c. Light and soft-colored pieces are fabulous for those with lighter skin tone. If you’re somebody that can really wear deep, bold, rich tones, then bold and rich colored clothing are better for you.

Our self-led Smart Style System program will help you determine whether you’re deep, bright, clear, soft, muted warm, or cool toned, so you’ll understand exactly what colours you want near your face!

5. Belt Detail Linen ShortAt the end of June, beginning of July, most brands drop their Resort Collection. Now that we can start travelling again, you can start building your holiday outfits with classic, versatile pieces like this linen short.

Key styling points:

a. Make sure to check the height of the model wearing the shorts in the images. They might look short on the model, but if you’re not as tall, they might still be the perfect length for you.
b. These shorts are technically an A-line shape, which helps to create shape on your bottom half and highlight your curves.
c. The little frill detail on the bottom of the shorts helps to conceal and flatter the legs. They create shape and the illusion of almost like an A-line miniskirt.