When was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw?

Something you might just need to read today x Words from our brilliant Emilia x

It was all happy faces after our 3.5 hour shopping marathon with one very gorgeous client of mine 😃

However, some styling sessions can be confronting and emotional.

Last time Michelle went shopping on her own for three hours, she bought a pair of earrings … and that is only because she just couldn’t handle the thought of even walking into the store on her own and start trying on clothes.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw?

When was the last time you made an eye contact with yourself and connected with the person staring back at you? …

For me as stylists, the clothing at the end of your shopping session is just the bonus you are walking away with.

I love what I do and feel I have done my job when my client is walking away smiling and excited about what to wear next.

The human connection, tapping into different personalities and creating a wardrobe that will reflect exactly who you are is what makes me so passionate about styling.

Yesterday’s session was all about the journey of self love, acceptance and confidence.

We were starting from the scratch. It did take us some time but by the end of our session together we got Michelle a full new wardrobe filled with strong pieces while she learnt a thing or two about her own personal style and how to create looks that make her ooze with confidence! 🙌🏻

Who resonates with Michelle?