Chelsea’s Top 4 Jeans Under $180

Best New Jeans Under $180 Now

I posted a poll in Instagram, and 70% of you ladies told me that you don’t own the perfect pair of jeans!

So I’m going to take you through some of the styles from brands like Forever New, Saba, and Country Road to help you on your search.


All of the pieces are available to buy directly from this shoppable video.

Simply click on the image to follow along as I go over each item and how to get the most out of it in your wardrobe.

Alternatively, scroll down to read my exclusive styling advice for each piece.

Best New Jeans Under $180 Now


1. Sculpting High-Rise JeansSlim leg jeans provide sculpting without that super tight feeling.

Key styling points:
a. Dark blue jeans are a great, versatile item because you can dress the color up and down.
b. This pair is ideal for someone who doesn’t want super skinny jeans but still wants a slim look.

2. Flare JeansSlightly wider from the knees to the ankles to balance out the body when it is top heavy.

Key styling points:
a. People with broader shoulders or rounded through the belly wear flared jeans to help optically balance the silhoutte.
b. This style is also flattering on those with wider hips because it creates a silhoutte.

3. Cropped-wide Leg Jeans  – Great for summer and showing off that shoe!

Key styling points:
a. Can be worn with a boot tucked inside for winter.
b. This style is for those who want to create length through their legs
c. This works well for those who want to appear slimmer, and create shape through the waist.

4. White or Light Jeans – Ideal for the spring and summer seasons and can be worn with almost anything in your closet.

Key styling points:
a. People who don’t like super skinny jeans can try this with a wider or softer leg.
b. Adding this type of jeans coming through spring can help you freshen up your wardrobe.


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