VIP Shopping day

Today was a big day! It’s was a VIP shopping day for this gorgeous client who is turning 40 soon and wanted to discover her style again. Her awesome and super thoughtful hubby had surprised her with this gift a few months ago and the shopping day was finally here ❤️

Yesterday I met Kay for the first time to go over her consult and right through her wardrobe. I always ask each client how tough do they want me to be with them during a cleanse…? Her answer was TOUGH 💪🏻😉

Out went everything that she wasn’t wearing (for multiple reasons) and out went anything that she just “felt ok in” because I knew I could replace it with something she loved, instead of something she just “settled for”.

During the cleanse I created a hit list of the missing gaps or anything that needed replacing, so I could step into stores with a clear plan 🙌🏻

If you book the VIP package with me, it comes with a second stylist on the shopping day so you get even more love and attention during the session 🙊

Nancy and I met at 9:30 to run over the consult so that everything is fresh in our minds and we can collaborate ideas together. We then hit the stores at 10am to pre-pull ready for a start time of 11am with our client!

Thats when the fun starts… All the trying on… We try things that work and things that don’t work because it’s important to push boundaries and try things you wouldn’t normally try until we get the entire combination right.

One thing we always stick to is how items or outfits FEEL on our clients!

We tried on some awesome pieces today that looked amazing, but if she didn’t feel “cool, edgy or effortless” in them (these were her style words) we said NO because they weren’t her personal style.

(How many times have you bought things that looked great in store, then get them home and just never wear them!)

Before our cleanse yesterday, her wardrobe was full of mistake purchases and there was no way I was going to let her make another ❤️

We purchased 36 items today including 2 pairs or shoes & 2 pieces of jewellery. She loved every item and they all work for her lifestyle ❤️

Have fun getting dressed tomorrow Kay!!