Smart tips with Mel

Are your staple white sneakers still looking nice and white? Cant understand why you always have underwear lines? Or maybe you have absolutely no clue where random stains appear from!

Sometimes its just the simplest of tips that make the biggest difference, and since over here we’re all about smart shopping, smart wardrobes, smart packing (once of course we’re allowed to travel again), I thought it was time to share some of this “Smart Mamma’s” tips to keep your items lasting longer, looking fresher and saving you time!


  1. White sneakers: Soak laces for a fresh update, wipe over sneakers with baby wipes regularly to keep clean, and use “Magic Eraser” to keep soles clean (this will be available in the cleaning isle of your supermarket). 


  1. Never wear your good clothes for at home cleaning, cooking, being mum or house hold clean up. As soon as I get home I put on my at home only clothes. Gives longer life to my wardrobe with less washing. 


  1. Steam or hang wool in the bathroom when having a hot shower. Keeps smells out and less wool washing means your wool lasts longer. Be sure to store flat and concealed over summer months to keep out moths. 


  1. Soak all your whites tee shirts in Napisan to give them back their whiteness instead of replacing. 


  1. Wash in cold water as much as you can (especially your blacks).


  1. Use flocked hangers for clothing as they are are slip resistant and take up little space, but wooden hangers for coats due tho the weight of them.


  1. Hang good clothes on coat hangers to dry for less ironing. 


  1. Ironing a shirt tip: collar, arms then the body. 


  1. Never store clothes in plastic and on the metal hangers from the dry cleaner (sure way to ruin the fabric especially if left for a long time!)


  1. Keep fabric softener pouches or cakes of soap in between clothes that are folded for fresh smelling. Clothes. 


  1. Underwear hack: Go up 1 or 2 sizes in underpants, G-strings and nickers. I personally go up 2 sizes to avoid the lines. 


  1. Never wear white underwear on bottom when wearing white pants. Nude all the way baby!