Do you love certain colours, that don’t necessarily love you?

Well the goiod news is, you dont have to rule them out of your wardobe totally

Straight from the “Queen of Colour” herself, my senior stylist Mel is letting you in on her favorite tricks to still wear the colours you love, but thought you could’nt wear.

“The greatest lesson I ever learnt when I became a stylist was that anyone can wear any colour if they want, It’s just that some colours can’t be worn close to your face.

The colours you place next to your face are most important, as they can have the ability to make you look bright and healthy or dull and washed out. So, what if the colours you love the most, don’t really love you? 

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now we like to break the rules (if you’re up for it of course ;p) so let me show you a few tricks below, as we think wearing colours that also make you FEEL GOOD is just as important.

E.g.: I had a client that absolutely loves the colour mustard and she wanted her wardrobe to reflect this, so during our shopping session I actually dressed her in a mustard top to show her that this particular colour didn’t actually brighten her face, and she agreed. So, we simply found other ways to still bring this colour into her wardrobe without washing her out. We purchased mustard pants and paired it with a top that brightened her skin tone, we also found mustard shoes and a handbag, giving her multiple ways to still wear her favourite colour without it being worn close to her face. 

Colour for me is therapy. It makes me happy, feel playful, have a point of difference, show self-expression, evokes fun and my life would be dull without it. If you have colours that make you happy then I say, find ways to wear them!

How does colour make you feel?”