How to look on trend without spending a fortune each season

The perfect way to look ‘on trend’ without having to dispose of your wardrobe every season is to purchase 2-3 highlight pieces and fun accessories.

If your one of the many who has a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear, then this will be perfect for you!!

Another way to look at that good old 80/20 rule

Spend 80% of your shopping budget on items that are essential for your lifestyle and that fill those missing wardrobe gaps. Really think of what you actually do every week, and what occasions you struggle to dress for.

Is it Sunday brunch with the girls? Dinners on the town? Or if we translate this theory in to 2020 is it more supermarket shopping, walking for a coffee, working from home or simply feeling good in your “at home” clothes.

The remaining 20% is free to spend on trend, occasional and spoil items… !!

Sticking to this rule will not only help you create a functional wardrobe and make dressing each morning a hell of a lot easier, but have you thinking what it is that you really need.

Plus also give you a little freedom to snap up the occasional impulse buy 😉