My secret to buying cheaper items that look expensive

Yes quality is definitely important to me, but being out and about in stores constantly opens my eyes up to brands I wouldn’t usually shop in for myself, but find me so many little golden nuggets that don’t cost me very much at all.

I’m always up for mixing price points in my wardrobe, but in a world full of so much choice, how do you know what items you can save a on??

I just picked up this black knit skirt for $50 @ and paired it back with my new @ basket weave rust knit.

I do like to keep things pretty simple, so here are my top 4 tips to choosing cheaper items that will look expensive!

1. Your safest bet is buying neutral or even darker colours when purchasing cheaper items. There certainly are exceptions to this rule, but speaking generally, have you ever noticed how the black option usually looks more expensive? Colours can highlight cheap fabric, so choose carefully here.

2. Add bling – Gold especially elevates a look.

3. Wear it back with more expensive items to give the illusion that your whole outfit is expensive.

4. Lastly let’s talk bags. Trust me, nothing cheapens a bag faster than flimsy shiny buckles or cheap studs and zips. Hardware is something that is tricky to fake, so pay attention to detail or simply choose a bag with less of it.