Am I the only one who feels like winter has already hit, even thought its only the first week of April?

Im usually focusing on lots of trans-seasonal items right now, but this chill already has me thinking about any winter gaps I might need to update this year! If you’re wondering the same, you might find this post handy.

Here are my “5 Classic Winter Must Haves”.

1. Long coat – What you wear on the outside matters most, so roll with your own personal style here and stay true to you! Go statement, go classic or of course one of each if variety is important to you and depending on your lifestyle you may also need different options to get you through both work and casual. Its probably a tad early to see an abundance of coats to buy right now, so if you cant find what you love just hold out and wait to see what is to come!

2. Good quality warm knit – Now personally I’m a sucker for a roll neck purely for the fact it keeps me warmer, but I know a lot of you ladies out there cant stand the idea of anything around your neck or you simply just don’t get that cold! So I would still suggest that you think about the arms and whether they will fit under a jacket if needed to layer. Not all knits you own need to be like this, but I just think versatility wise if I can layer both over and under a knit then I can easily create more looks with just one simple piece.

3. Scarf and or a hat / gloves – As the weather drops a few more degrees lets accessorise well 😛 and add a last minute layer or two to walk out the door with. Now, we are talking winter staples (not trans-seasonal) so think warm and cosy! Im a lover of a good snood as its simple and the least to fuss with, but you might need to wait a few more weeks again until more cosier winter items hit the stores.

4. Leather Jacket – Want an instant edge? Not sure how to lift your winter game? A leather jacket could be your answer. This for most is usually an investment piece, so make sure you buy one that you absolutely love and don’t settle! And if you’re after a vegan option check out the Forever New one pictured ;p

5. Ankle Boots – Pretty much an all round staple for me, but you need to stop and think before buying so that you choose a pair that suits your life style and what you wear most. For me, my main pair of ankle boots need to go with both jeans and skirts and I like a small heel so that i can walk all day but still feel a little elevated…. Enter the sock boot! I lived in these last year as they worked hard with both skinny and wide pants, plus effortlessly pairs back with all my midi skirts as they are super slimming through the ankle. If sock boots aren’t your thing, I want you to be careful on where the boot cuts you at the ankle. If you want to create length and slimness through your leg, then make sure the top of the boot either hits at the thinnest part of your ankle and / or try styles that aren’t so straight at the top so that you are creating angles through the area (please ref to last ankle boot picture for just one example)

Some other options to keep in mind are skinny jeans as they work with pretty much anything, a good cosy cardi, a knitted dress and or skirt that can layer tights under, long boots if you have the need or even a second pair of ankle boots in another colour, an updated blazer in a trend colour or print (check and light neutrals like tans are huge this season and wont date either!) and of course this year a stylish pair of track pants wont go a stray ;p

For full pictures and item details please refer to my Instagram or Facebook post on 7th April 2020 x