Video calls for many of us right now have become part of our daily routine and a way of staying connected during isolation. Some for work, some for dating & some for simply replacing Friday night drinks 😛

While what you wear is important for certain video situations, there are also a few more factors that can help you look your best.

Now, we all know the camera can add an instant 5 kilos if we aren’t careful, plus adding in the fact that a video call is only showing our top half, being our shoulders and bust which can be our widest points doesn’t help. So…. Here are a few ways we can tackle the above and feel confident on camera.

* Use illusion dressing to create the line of vision running up & down instead of across the camera.
* Ways we can do this is using the clean line of jacket or blazer.
* Opening up your neckline with a button up shirt, a v-neck top, or even necklaces.
* A well fitted blazer will help sharpen your shoulders giving your body structure.
* Be carful or avoid clothing that creates width on your top half like lots of ruffles or fuss and baggy or boxy tops. This will not only make you appear bigger, but can be distracting on camera especially if we are talking in a professional sense. Same rule can apply for loud prints.
* Fitted or tailored clothing will help follow the contours of your body to create length. PS: if you don’t normally wear or feel comfortable in fitted tops then just avoid and stick to the other options.
* Its ALL about the angels!! Make sure where you can, have the camera higher than you and pointed downwards (worse case straight ahead). You will notice when a video call is shot from below you that it puts the focus on all the areas and can create the wrong shadows ;p.
* Also where you can have the majority of the light coming from behind the camera, instead of behind you.

A video to this post is also up on my Instagram & facebook on 9th April 2020

Happy Video Calling!!!