Finding Your Style

Finding Your Style sounds way harder than you think it is. So if you’re feeling like your stuck in a bit of a style rut right now, let me show you where to start to give you a little more power over your wardrobe.

Jump on Pinterest and create your own style inspiration board of looks you love. For this particular exercise I’d love you to get out of your comfort zone and don’t just pick outfits you “think will suit you”. Forget the size, age body shapes of the modals wearing the clothing and just pin 📍 your heart out to get that style juice flowing. You’re often stuck in a style rut because you go to the same styles when you’re out in stores so breaking away from “your own rules” might just hold some magic 😉

Generally the looks we are drawn to are a refection of how we want to look and the mind works at storing these images and seeking them out when we are looking for clothes at the shops.

Draw yourself to the things you love and try things you wouldn’t normally try – Mel xx