Business Branding

Firstly, Attention all mums in lockdown…. You might just want to check out Senior Stylist Mel’s client Erynn, the woman in these branding pictures from @bopalongbaby 

Anyone who owns a business, knows how important first impressions are. You need to visually tell a story to the people you’re getting in front of to build trust to attract in the clients YOU WANT to work with.

You might want to come across as fun, approachable, professional, confident, that you have a point of difference or perhaps its strong or someone who knows their stuff

We work with a lot of small business owners, helping them create a true image of who they really are and what thier business is about through what they wear.

Erynn really wanted to own her inner tomboy, show her audience that she is classic and very casual at heart, and be both neutral but bold… Pretty sure Mel nailed this brief!

What you need to think of when your understanding how you want “you and your business” to be perceived is:

  1. What it is your trying to communicate
  2. Having the right balance of structure and flow to create the right mood
  3. Psychology around colour
  4. Illusion dressing, especially if your jumping in front of the camera
  5. Who your target market is.

In a business branding session we get to the bottom of all these questions, so that we create the right image that reflects you