If you’ve been following me for a while now, you would know I have a massive passion for travel…… and I do a lot of it! Which over the years has taught me a whole lot about not just “packing” but “packing smart”

To be honest, packing is not my favourite part of a holiday and the very thought of it can be quiet daunting and overwhelming for most, however the below packing tips will make this overwhelming task a whole lot easier!

So firstly, hands up who is guilty of over packing and taking way more than they actually need?

While some of us are minimalists and very happy travelling with a bare minimal capsule wardrobe, some of us (like myself) still need a little more variety and choice. No wrong or right either way, however if you’re someone who wants the extra choices, but doesn’t want to lug a suitcase full of outfits you’re never going to wear, then play by the 80/20 rule and not the 20/80! In the case of packing, its 80% necessity and 20% of extra items you might wear if you’re in the mood.

I call myself a mood dresser because sometimes I’m in the mood to wear certain things and other times I’m not (I might not know what I feel like wearing till I’m there). So how do I get variety without tipping the suitcase scales and still have enough options for all those “what if” moments??

Follow my 5 top tips for smart packing and take inspiration from the pictures below of how I packed this time for Spring in Italy…

Spring this year in Italy is looking a little more like summer, so high 20’s – low 30’s, however I’m one of those people who gets colder than most and won’t be a happy camper if I get stuck without a jacket, so I need to make sure I’ve packed enough layers in case it cools down.

I unfortunately couldn’t take pictures of all the outfit combinations simply because that would have taken too long lol…. But I’m sure you still get the drift!

1. Firstly: Think hard about the weather and what activities you will be doing in your trip. No use bringing a suitcase full of fancy pieces if most of the trip you just want to be casual and comfy.

2. Plan, plan, plan: You need to mix and match your little heart out before your trip!! You want the items that come on holiday with you, to earn it’s spot in your suitcase. They need to work hard and most of the items must be able to work back with everything else (please refer to pictures) Think of those staple pieces in your wardrobe that you can dress up & down easily and can possibly wear 3 ways. Only after this step do I go and add an extra couple of tops or maybe a pair of pants / skirt to give me that extra 20% if I’m in the mood. I still however make sure these items also work hard unless of course they are for a special occasion. I’m off to a wedding in Florence and not quite sure about the weather, so I’ve packed 2 options (one sleeves & one sleeved) I’ve made sure one of them can still be dressed up & down so will use it on this trip regardless!
• All top should match bottoms and any jackets that come must match back with all outfits
• Accessories are a great way to change the look and feel of an outfit, plus they don’t take up much room in the suitcase. Think belts scarves, earring and necklaces; still keeping in mind they should work hard. Refrain from taking your most valuable items just in case your luggage gets lost
• Take pictures of all your looks, so dressing each morning is as easy as flipping through your phone
• Shoes!!!!! These babies take up a lot of space, so you need to be strict here! I took 4 pairs to Italy, but if I didn’t have the wedding, I wouldn’t have packed the nude heels. Plus, the 4th pair which were my Nikes are purely because I’m one very active woman and go to the gym almost every day (yes even on holidays) because it makes me happy. So, if I wasn’t off to an event, or someone who goes to the gym I literally would have only packed my white sneakers & heels…. Maybe added a pair of sandals for the extra variety

3. Colour co-ordinate: I personally like to pack mostly neutrals, simply because that’s my own personal style, and then you can easily add pops of colour or prints if that’s your thing. Try and stick to 2-3 co-ordinating colours as this will give you lots of variety & options.

4. Avoid the black trap: Just like your wardrobe at home, your travel wardrobe needs both light and dark options to create variety (please refer to pictures) Pack lighter & darker options for pants, tops, jackets & shoes where you can. Exception to the rule: There are a few of very gorgeous clients who just simply feel amazing in black and that is their thing (their personal style)….. By all means if black makes you feel amazing, then wear it all you want, just make sure you pack lighter or brighter shoes and accessories, plus a good denim jacket to lift your look ;p

5. Rolling: This is a key technique when it comes to compact traveling, it has totally revolutionised my packing & will also minimize creasing and the need to iron. Trust me ive packed the exact same suitcase by folding & by rolling & there was much more room left in the case after rolling (more room for shopping that is!)

PS: I couldn’t squeeze all the pictures in to this blog, so please refer back to my Facebook or Instagram post (on 2nd October 2019, don’t forget to hit the save button) for full outfit options! Will also be saved in my insta stories under “SMART PACKING”