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Up-level and evolve your style with our virtual image consulting and styling services today. We offer multiple online services including virtual styling services, online personal stylists and even an online styling course

The Smart Style System is a transformational online styling course that will help women nail their own style, transform their wardrobe and shop smart with direction and ease. Our virtual personal styling options can offer you your very own personal stylist online to help, no matter where you live. Should you have any questions regarding your online style consultant, please ask. 

Improve your style with virtual image consulting and styling services at Chelsea Brice. Book an online personal stylist for fashion styling courses now!

Trust Chelsea Brice as Your Online Style Consultant

Evolve your personal image with the help of an online style consultant from Chelsea Brice! We cater to both men and women who are time-poor, or who are simply stuck in a style rut and don’t know where to start in their wardrobe.

Keeping up with the times, our fashion stylists now offer virtual image consulting and virtual personal styling if you’re unable to work with us one-on-one. Your expert consultant will be able to guide you through personal styling, existing wardrobe pieces, selecting clothes when shopping and how to put looks together.

Learn from your very own personal style consultant and fashion stylist in the comforts of your own home today.

Virtual Image Consulting & Personal Styling Services

Our virtual styling services include image consulting, and personal and fashion styling. You will gain clarity on your own unique personal style, new ideas on how to dress your shape, where to shop and how you can easily mix and match new pieces with your favourite existing wardrobe pieces to create a smart, hardworking wardrobe.

“The Smart Styling System” is a transformational online fashion styling course that will help women nail their own personal style, transform their own wardrobe and shop smart with direction and ease! This online style course is designed for women who want to learn how to be their own stylist, from the comfort of their own homes! I’m super excited to share this with you and I trust that there is an abundance of knowledge and inspiration no matter what your style included in my fashion styling courses.

Be Your Own Personal Stylist: Online Styling & Fashion Courses 

Apart from providing virtual image consulting services, Chelsea Brice also offers personal styling packages that can help you achieve specific styling goals. We’ve helped both Brisbane men and women find their own style through in-depth consultations and transformed their wardrobes with pieces that complement their lifestyles and body types.  

Contact us today to find out more about what we can help you achieve for your personal style now.  

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