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  • • PRINT ON PRINT • Who’s up for trying? #trend #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood #printonprint @decjubaofficial #personalstylist #outfitoftheday
  • • The new nude is in town • Want the illusion of longer legs? In the past we used nude heels to create a longer, leaner line, but it appears there is a new kid in town and I’m all in! #heels @tonybianco #shoecrush #shoelove #trend #personalstylist #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood
  • Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to effortlessly nail the art of wearing colour?

Then you might just want to read the latest blog I've written for @westfieldfountaingate 
Since spring has officially sprung it’s time to lighten, lift and add colour to your wardrobe, so here a just a few tips and tricks on how to bloom this season. Click the link in my bio 📸 @bdcstudios #personalstylist #fashionblogger #personalshopper #shortsuit #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood #styleblogger
  • It’s spring & the sun is out, but who is stuck in their winter style rut? I’ll be floating around @westfieldfountaingate in-stores tomorrow between 12-3pm & at the "Style Lounge" located out front of Forever New on Saturday from 11-2pm offering free 15 minute style consultations or to take shopping session bookings! It’s that time if the year when things get a little hectic, so you don’t want to miss out! • #outfit @forcastofficial #personalstylist #personalshopper #styletips #styleinspiration #styleadvice #outfitinspiration 📸 @blossomdaisycreative
  • I quite often get asked by my clients “What does your wardrobe look like?” So, here it is! (Well some of it anyway🙊) I spent this Sunday cleansing and rotating it to suit the season. Yes, I need more clothes than the average person (partly given by what I do) but im also someone who simply put “has a high need for variety” in my life. I can easily get bored and definitely be in the mood to wear certain things on certain days depending on how I’m feeling. But organization is key to having a stress free morning! Here’s how I do it!
1. Separate items in to lifestyle. This doesn’t mean I don’t cross things over for different occasions, but I like to keep my work items all together (etc) so each work morning that’s where I start
2. Hang shortest sleeve to longest sleeve, lightest to darkest. It’s visually an easier way to find what you are looking for
3. Display everything! If you can’t see it, you’re more than likely to forget you own it and not get the wear out of it. If shoes are in boxes and jewels in cases, then get them out now! There are plenty of ways you can store them while still seeing them and K-mart is a great place to start for storage options
4. Right now I have my high summer and high winter items packed away so it’s not overwhelming me each morning, then as the weather warms up again I easily pull out my summers and off I go
Given its spring, set aside half a day soon to get your wardrobe under order. Cleanse what isn’t working and pack away your high winter so each morning is a little more stress free! And if you can’t do it alone then you know who to call 😉  Link in bio & if you want a closer look then check out my quick video in Insta stories  #styletips #styleadvice #springclean #personalstylist #mywardrobe