Finding the Perfect Balance Between Style and Comfort: Airport Edition

Have you ever noticed those people at the airport who look impeccable no matter what the time or how the weather is, meanwhile you’re sporting the latest in ‘loungewear’ ?? *coughpajamascough*

It can often be difficult to find the energy and motivation to look fashionable when you’re preparing for a long day of sitting in cramped seats, being climbed over by people, incessant flickering lights, and crying babies (or if you’re lucky, two…)! However that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best, in fact, looking like a million bucks will make you feel like a million bucks no matter how long or miserable your flight may be!! And as the saying goes, “You never know who you’ll run into at the airport!”

Whether you’re going straight to a business meeting or to your hotel, here are some key tips on how to look stylish, and more importantly feel comfortable, the next time you’re heading off for a flight:

1) BRING A JACKET! Even if where you’re going is warm, you can always pack it away once you land, but the worst is when you’re freezing on a plane and refuse to spend $10 on a tattered airline blanket. Leather and denim jackets are great styles to consider because they’re thick enough to keep you warm, but also versatile enough to create a chic layering effect. Or, if you’re headed to a meeting, wear a neutral colored blazer that can easily pair with other pieces in your luggage!

2) If you still get cold even with the extra layer, pack a scarf and/or a hat in your carry-on! A printed scarf can add a fun, unique element to your ensemble, or go for a simple knit snood that matches with everything! For hats, I’d recommend a floppy wool hat or a woven fedora, both of which will keep your head warmer and are on trend this season!

3) Don’t just throw on your heaviest pair of shoes to be under the weight limit – think about it beforehand and try to match accordingly! For women, some neutral flats, pumps or ankle boots will transition seamlessly with multiple outfits and temperatures while you’re traveling. For men, wear some sporty, funky trainers. The great thing about all these options is that they are comfortable, versatile, and slip on and off easily at security!

4) Carry a pair of trendy, dark sunglasses with you. That way when you land and have puffy red aeroplane eyes, nobody will know but you!

5) Try sticking multifaceted, neutral-coloured bags (browns, blacks, beiges) as they are going to be the most adaptable to any ensemble during your travels. And remember, the more pockets and zipper compartments, the better – you will save yourself the hassle of digging through your bag in search of [of course] the smallest item you brought!

6) While it might seem like a good idea to bring your expensive jewels along, do NOT make this mistake!! So many people, myself included, lose or have their jewelry stolen whilst traveling…. it is not worth the stress! Opt for a few inexpensive statement pieces and wear them to make sure they get from point A to point B safely.

7) If you’re not going straight to a business meeting after your flight, denim is going to be your BEST friend for a flight! Feeling casual? Pair destroyed, cropped boyfriend jeans with a slouchy tee. Or are you feeling sophisticated? Match dark (even wax coated!) skinnies with a chic patterned blouse!

8) If you are headed to work, go for neutral Ponte pants, or rock some printed  pants if you want to add that wonderful point of difference! On top, wear a long tunic or loose sweater to balance out the look!

9) Ah, dresses. We love them, but are they appropriate, or even comfortable, for a flight? The answer is… of course!! The key is being smart about what kind of dress you wear. Flowy maxi dresses offer two major benefits: they keep you warm, and they don’t run the risk of accidentally revealing anything (if you’re like me and sit in a million different positions on your flight)! If you want to wear a short dress, no problem! Just keep it closer to knee length to be safe, and cover up elsewhere with stockings or a cardi!

10) For long haul flights: While you should always want to look your best running through the airport and when you sit down at your seat, flights that hit the 6-hour mark (or more!) are typically going to be insufferable no matter what. In this case, pack a plain T-shirt and leggings (for men, slim-fitted sweats) that you can change into once your flight is up, up and away. Then, before you’re about to land, change back into your previous ensemble and walk off that plane looking great and feeling relaxed!

Au revoir, mes amours!

Written by Cara Lee
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