How To Create A Tonal Outfit

Well we’ve seen this trend stay strong over the last few years now, and I dont thinks is going anywhere soon.

It’s simple yet sophisticated and has absolutely been one of my favs.

But how on earth do you nail it without looking like a giant blob of colour?

Below are some tips to consider when playing around with your looks.

I did do a tonal shoot for Westfield Southland a few years back now, so while a lot of these pieces aren’t currently In stores, it will still give you loads of visual inspiration to take away.

Tonal dressing pretty much means wearing multiple shades of the one colour all at once, or rocking the same hue head to toe.

The first trick is: You need to mix your fabrics and textures. Pair different fabrics together like I’ve done in these pictures. Think knits, satins, linen, leather, denim pleats and more to create a nice mix of textures as this will give your outfit both contrast and depth.

Play with shades of the same hue: For the best result think about mixing up darker and lighter tones within the same hue as per pictures

A neutral back up: If it all feels too much, add a white tee or top to break it up.

Or use accessories to break it up

An all tonal outfit can create height and slimness on the body, so an added bonus especially you’re petite!

Enjoy playing!