When I work with any new client, one of the most important questions I ask is how they would like to be perceived (in a style sense that is) and one of the most popular answers is…….. Effortless

According the dictionary some synonyms for “effortless” are: easy, uncomplicated, simple and even painless! So, how many of you associate getting dressed each morning with these words lol?

If you have great basics in your wardrobe dressing should literally be a breeze, and the below are some “Effortless” ways you can add to your wardrobe to step up your style and feel like your in 2019


I love a statement shoe! If you looked in my wardrobe you would see an array of fairly neutral staples that work incredibly hard, which makes integrating statement shoes pretty easy for me. However how do you go about choosing the right pair for you??

Well firstly you need to understand your lifestyle. If you’re a busy mum running around all day, then a new pair of leopard print heels might not be as useful as a pair of leopard print flats. Your focus needs to be about investing on items that you will wear in your everyday life, then once that area is sorted feel free to add variety.

Secondly, make sure the statement shoe you choose still works hard enough back with your own wardrobe. If your wardrobe isn’t as neutral as mine, then choose a colour that will tie in with most of what you do own and wear. And lastly don’t think a statement shoe needs to be brightly coloured, or patterned, this can simply mean it has a feature or even an interesting texture to it to step up your outfit!

  • Trends to watch out for 2019: Fringing, kitten mules, animal print and transparent heels


My first real job back in my early 20’s was managing Sunglass Hut stores, which thinking back now makes total sense why this is one of my favourite accessories to instantly elevate my style.
The greatest part about this fashion accessory, is that gone are the days you need to go spend $300 plus to get yourself a great pair. One of my favourite brands (you may have noticed me wearing them over the last few years) has been Quay Australia. On trend, great quality and affordable sunglasses means that I can buy multiple pairs a year to change up my look without breaking the bank!

  • Style Tip: When wearing sunglasses minimize other accessories (especially ones close to your face eg: earrings)

I’ve teamed up with Quay Australia and we are offering 20% off to all my readers! This offer is on only valid for 3 months. I purchased the “French Kiss’s” a few months back and the “Gold Dust” is my next pick, so click the link below to see what tickles your fancy! Please use discount code CHELSEA20 at checkout



When I was in Los Angeles late last year the stores were full of anything and everything animal print. I think this trend will dominate 2019 and might just end up being your new neutral lol. So ladies, think leopard, snake, tiger or anything jungle and GO WILD.! If you’re daring, try print on print or even try throwing it back with red. On the opposite scale simply add a leopard shoe or belt to pop your outfit.

  • Style Tip: cIf you prefer to create more of a timeless capsule wardrobe choose a leopard accessory as this item may not date for a very long time eg: The leopard heels I’m wearing in the pictures below are about 6 years old!


I find most people to be either a lover or hater of linen, and I must admit I personally wasn’t the biggest fan for a long time. I would consider my style to be quite simple, however I do like to feel polished, so fabric that crushes can leave me feeling a little messy by the end of the day. Until of course I met the linen blazer! Because a blazer is quite structured it doesn’t crush anywhere as much as a shirt or pant. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love a good blazer, so I’ve already stocked up on a few and no doubt will be adding a few more to my collection this year for variety.

  • Style Tip: Team it back with jeans and a little lace cami or a tee for an effortless yet polished look


It’s not always about buying something new. Simple tricks, for example tying or tucking your shirt in the current way can have a huge impact on your overall look. If you work with what you already own, you may simply be able to cuff your jean or roll your sleeve and be polished in an instant!

I trust this blog was valuable, and I hope you all have an awesome day!

X Chelsea