Men’s Styling

mens styling melbourne chelsea briceStyle Consultation

It all starts with a 1 hour style consultation that will help me to identify exactly what we need to suit your lifestyle, body shape & best represent you & your new style.

  • Does your wardrobe need organizing?
  • Are you not feeling clear on your style?
  • Don’t have time to organize it?
  • Has your lifestyle and or body shape changed but your wardrobe has not?


The Wardrobe review
This is where our image starts, which is why it’s important to keep it fresh and up to date. A wardrobe review is the perfect way to identify what pieces in your wardrobe best suit your body shape & those items that just don’t cut it anymore. We will be trying on your current pieces in this review to create new outfits & working together we will cleanse! I will also then identify what is missing & what items we need to shop for to bring everything together.
  • Has your lifestyle and / or body shape changed but your wardrobe hasn’t?
  • Maybe you want to look good, but you have no idea what style, size & fit to look for?
  • Are you time poor, but still need to look the part?
  • Or are the clothes you wear a poor reflection of who you are & what you want to portray?


Shopping Experience
Dressing well is not just for the ladies. A two-hour pre-shop is included in this service, which means a lot of the hard work is already done for you & allows you to arrive to a stress-free fitting and shopping experience. Not only will you be presented with the best options for your shape, but you will also learn style techniques throughout your session . During our shop we will update both your image & your wardrobe, anywhere from the basics to a full wardrobe overhaul whilst discovering what styles & colours works best on you. I will be giving you enough knowledge to shop with confidence in the future & find clothes that will have you look & feel great. You will learn how to shop smarter saving you time, effort, money & stress. The result? Look great, feel confident.


Wardrobe Integration
We have cleansed your wardrobe & bought you new clothes! Now it’s time to put it all together to create as many new looks as we can, while learning how to mix & match so you can to take the stress out of getting dressed every morning!


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