My personal shopping experience with Jade was the most positive I’ve had in a very long time.

We had a jam packed couple of hours where I tried on about half the store!

I wanted to seek out a stylist to help me with my body confidence whilst also broadening my outfit choices and trying new things. Thankfully, I now feel like I’m happily stepping out of my comfort zone with the new outfits Jade created for me.

Today was definitely an exercise in body confidence. Thank you, Jade, for helping me with that . You’ve taught me that the “size number” doesn’t matter, which in turn has taught me that body size doesn’t matter, confidence does.

Jade is so kind and enthusiastic. It was such a joy to be with someone who makes you feel comfortable. She was super understanding of my insecurities and listened to my reservations.

We finished with a massive haul and I’m super excited to start wearing my new clothes!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!