Women’s Styling

Below are a list of our services, we also can combine into packages for the ultimate styling experience! Find out more.

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Style Consultation

This is where it all begins.

In this 1 hour session, I will find out what exactly is important to you, so I can guide you to the style and image you want to portray, an image that is driven by who you are and what’s important to you (not someone else). This is the perfect way for me to get all the information to style you for YOU, as the best version of yourself, staying in line with your lifestyle and of course budget.

- Discover what YOUR style actually is

- Gain clarity on how you want to be perceived & what your image is saying about you

- Identify your style challenges

- Identify the body parts your should be dressing to highlight

- Face-to-face, Skype or phone consultation

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The Wardrobe review

Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that you NEVER wear? Did you know that most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? 

A wardrobe review is the perfect way to identify what pieces in your wardrobe best suit your body shape & those items that just don’t cut it anymore. We will be trying on your current pieces in this review to create new outfits, then working together we will cleanse! I will then identify what is missing & what items we need to shop for to bring everything together.

- You will learn why garments work for you and why they don't

- Gain clarity on what to keep & what to throw

- Figure out the missing gaps in your wardrobe & create a mission list

- create new outfits with what you own


Wardrobe De-Clutter Session

Imagine opening your beautifully organized wardrobe each morning, knowing its full of options that work for you. 

        - Working together we will DE-CLUTTER & CLEANSE!!

- Feel confident in letting go and making space for smarter purchases


Shopping Session 

Armed with the knowledge from our consult, and mission list from our wardrobe review we hit the shops to find the key pieces missing from your wardrobe. Filling the missing gaps with pieces that suit your lifestyle and body shape is the key to creating that versatile wardrobe we all long for. I can tailor a shopping session to your needs anywhere from the finding a few of those missing key pieces, sourcing good quality basics, to a full wardrobe overhaul. The result? Look great, feel amazing & finally have something to wear.

- A two-hour pre-shop is included in this service, which allows you to arrive to a stress-free fitting and shopping experience.

- Learn the simple and effective rules of style and accessorising

- Discover what styles & colours are most flattering on you

- Show you where to shop and still look a million bucks for both your style and your budget

- I will teach you how to shop strategically & make smart purchases

- Create new looks that work for you and your shape

- Show you how to create a versatile wardrobe, that suits YOUR lifestyle

- New looks that work for your body shape, lifestyle and budget.

- You will also receive discounts from selected stores for shopping with us


Mix & Match Session *Includes digital ‘Look Book’

Let me show you how to maximize your wardrobe by teaching you how to create multiple looks from one garment.


Lets mix the old with the new to maximize and create as many new looks / outfits as possible, while learning how to easily mix & match so you can to take the stress out of getting dressed every morning!

  • Learn how to take your outfits from day to night & weekday to weekend
  • The outfits we create in the wardrobe integration get photographed and put together into a digital look book. You receive them via email to keep on your iPhone to flick though each morning so you remember how to recreate all your new looks!

You will walk away with enough knowledge to shop with confidence in the future & find clothes that will have you look & feel amazing, while learning how to shop smarter saving you time, effort, money & stress.

Makeup Tuition 

In this step by step lesson you will not only learn the basics to achieving beautiful skin, but also learn how to create makeup looks that work for your new style, your face shape, colourings and of course lifestyle!

Whether your looking for a fresh barely there finish, a classic natural look or maybe something a little more glamorous, I will take you through the steps to achieve whatever it is you would like to learn.

  • You will also receive discounts from selected makeup brands if you would like to purchase any products


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