Styling FAQ

If I’m trying to lose weight should I hold off before using a personal stylist?

I’m a big believer in the following quote “If you look good, then you feel good” And if you feel good you’re more than likely going to make better choices when it comes to food or squeezing in that extra weekly workout right?! A styling session with me will create confidence in who you are today and help create that domino effect to who you want to be tomorrow. So why put off feeling confident and looking great till later. My advice is to consider taking on both processes together and reward yourself along the way. I can easily tailor an ongoing package where we work together in stages

I say BE, DO, HAVE!


Do you offer colour analysis? 

My clients prefer simple and easy to remember guidelines when talking colour. I offer guidance on what colours work best for you and of course what don’t, plus I will also teach you how to wear colours that aren’t necessarily ‘your colour’s’ so you’re not missing out on wearing all your favourites or what the stores are full of that particular season! I will show you HOW to tell if a colour suits or doesn’t suit you, so you’re armed with the knowledge and power when out and about shopping solo!


How much money do I need for the actual shopping experience?

Your budget and how much you want to spend are completely up to you. I will ensure I choose stores that are in line with this and your outcome. I can shop with any budget & still have you look & feel amazing.


Where do the shopping sessions take place?

Melbourne CBD or Chadstone do have the largest variety, however I can tailor the location to suit your needs. I also have a few secret gems around Melbourne I like to frequent if it’s the right fit for you and your style.


Payment methods

Bank transfer, Paypal & credit card payments can be made prior to our first session (however credit card does attract a 2.5% surcharge)

Cash payment can also be accepted on the day.


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