Contrast or Tonal?


I’ve worked with a number of clients over the past few weeks that had absolutely no idea that they needed more of a contrast or tonal mood in their outfits to make them FEEL great in what they were wearing.

They were often left confused when they put an outfit on that technically worked, but then they didn’t feel so great in it.

Knowledge is power right?? So knowing that by simply changing one piece to add that sharpness or softness can save a lot of time & wasted money on mistake purchases yeah?!

Contrast means a high difference in colour (eg: black & white) Vs tonal (eg: different shades of colours in the same main color group (please refer to pictures – contact at top / tonal at bottom).

High contrast will offer you a sharper harder look, where as tonal gives you that softer overall feel.. No wrong or right here as its YOUR personal style, however this can be a vital piece of information when shopping and creating your wardrobe, as it can be the difference between you FEELING good in an outfit or NOT.

For me, providing I’m still wearing a fairly natural colour palette, I actually enjoy wearing both options, however I more often like a contrast in winter or when I’m working to look sharper, and I love wearing head to toe or simply adding tonal colours on the weekends, especially if it’s sunny to give me that relaxed feel.

I’m a total mood dresser, so I’ll choose based on my current mood or what I’m doing that day.

So, next time you are getting dressed and not feeling right in what you are wearing, check in and see if you need to maybe add sharpness or softness to make your outfit feel more like YOU.

Are you more of a high contrast, tonal, or mood dresser and like to mix it up like me?? #styleblogger #styletips

2 Comments on “Contrast or Tonal?

  1. Love this, Chelsea! I am definitely more of a contrast dresser and although coming round to tonal dressing, I still never feel quite ‘me when I do. I love how you embrave both so well and thanks for sharing xx

    • Ohhhh you’re definitely a contrast dresser!! Bold and beautiful i call it xx

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