Mens Styling


He wanted a wardrobe that was simple to mix and match, one that he easily could take from casual to business & one that reflected his personal brand. Mission accomplished in a 3 hour shopping session 👌🏻 We… Read More

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Style and Comfort: Airport Edition


Have you ever noticed those people at the airport who look impeccable no matter what the time or how the weather is, meanwhile you’re sporting the latest in ‘loungewear’ ?? *coughpajamascough* It can often be difficult to find the energy… Read More

Mens trend – Grey on grey (on Grey)

Frame Artist-6

Grey is quickly becoming one of the most popular colours this season for menswear. Mix different shades and textures of grey to achieve an effortless look or even add a charcoal tie to an all grey suit to… Read More


Frame Artist-5

Ah huh…. You heard correctly. Socks have quickly become an outlet for men who want to express their individuality, style and presence with bright patterned and coloured socks staying key trends this Autumn. Men, if you want to… Read More

Cuffed shorts


Some trends never seem to go out of style, and cuffed shorts are a perfect example. Dress them up or down and wear them loose or tight-fitted to suit your own unique style or body shape. Team them… Read More

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