Find your Style Competition – Sturt Mall Wagga Wagga


Big thanks again to Sturt Mall Wagga Wagga & the gorgeous winner Vicky!!!/pages/find-your-style-winner-s-experience



Ohhhhhhhh…… With the ever so talented @missmiale shooting for my updated website….. Can’t wait for the final pics to arrive!!

Style Inspo – Mixing Neutrals


Now ladies, there is definitely nothing wrong with colour, but i just can’t go past an all neutral look. To me it feels chic, elegant but at the same time relaxed. My No 1 tip: Try and include… Read More

Another Happy Client!!


This incredibly gorgeous woman found it easy to dress for Winter, but always really struggled with her Spring / Summer wardrobe and thought it was finally time to shift that! When we look great we feel great, and… Read More

Do you have a wardrobe that fits your life? Or does it fit the life you wish you had?


I know first hand what its like to have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear.. This was because my own wardrobe used to be full of items that were either really dressy or gym wear…. Read More

80/20 Shopping plan


If your one of the many who has a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear, then this will be perfect for you!! Another way to look at the 80/20 rule Spend 80% of your shopping budget… Read More

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Style and Comfort: Airport Edition


Have you ever noticed those people at the airport who look impeccable no matter what the time or how the weather is, meanwhile you’re sporting the latest in ‘loungewear’ ?? *coughpajamascough* It can often be difficult to find the energy… Read More

Getting to the “bottom” of things


Getting the basics right is so important Christian Dior once said “without foundation, there can be no fashion” and I totally agree! Your underwear provides a foundation that your entire style and appearance is based upon. It is… Read More



As you may have noticed head-to-toe neutrals are hugely trending this Winter. But how do you get it right? Its all about mixing the shades & textures of your outfit…. Forget the whole matchy-matchy thing!! Your fabrics need… Read More

A/W Trend #7 – Getting straight to the “Point”

Frame Artist-8

Pointy toe shoes any way you like them!! Flat, low mid or high heel, ankle boot and of course knee high! Stores have abundance of choices available in all sorts of colours. If your looking to sharpen up… Read More

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