How To Nail Over The Knee


So it’s boot season again & the over the knee is back this year with a vengeance…

This trend however can be one of the trickier ones to nail as there is a fine line between making these babies look stylishly sexy or tragically tacky

My tips
Pair back with an oversized knit / sweater or dress
Longer line jacket or blazer
And if your going to rock a mini, make sure you are showing skin strategically and have your arms / chest covered. #showskinstrategically

Do you get caught up in the excitement of buying something on sale, only to never end up wearing it?


So its sale time again & trust me, I know how easy it is to get caught up in all the buzz of finding a great item at a great price & while it can be the perfect time to find some quality pieces at heavily reduced prices, it can also be a trap for us emotional shoppers!
If you already own 3 black going out tops, and you very rarely go out, do you really need another? We quite often buy pieces because we love the idea of them, but unless they suit your lifestyle will you actually get the use out of it? Remember, every bargain purchase is $$ that can be spent on items that you actually need & could get more wear out of, so keep this in mind before you buy!
Instead of impulse buying, keep a list in your purse of the items that you actually need & stick to it!



Historically burgundy was saved purely for formal events in Victorian Britain with men sporting this colour in morning coats as it optimised elegance.

These days the versatility of this Colour is amazing, so while this colour will work hard as a basic in your wardrobe, it’s also the perfect colour to use as a statement.👌🏻

I’ve styled it back with a clean white shirt to lift the outfit, navy chino’s, navy & orange pocket square, brown textured belt & a darker brown textured loafer (that is to die for!)

Choosing a handbag on a budget


I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money on a great handbag or clutch, you just have to be smart about choosing the right one!

The biggest telltale sign of an inexpensive bag is cheap hardware!

Trust me, nothing cheapens a bag faster than shiny buckles, flimsy studs and zips plastered all over it.

Hardware is something you cant fake, so if you’re purchasing a bag on a budget, simply choose a one with either less hardware or make sure the finer details that look high quality.

One of the best signs of quality is how the zipper opens and closes. The zipper should glide smoothly!


How to layer for Melbourne’s 4 seasons in one day


Yep…. Its getting to that trans-seasonal time of year again when we have no clue what to expect one hour from the next & If you live in Melbourne you MUST know how to nail the art of layering to combat our 4 seasons in one day….

I do promise it isn’t actually as hard as you think! Just follow these simple rules to make life that wee bit easier!

  • Your base pieces need to look great as a stand alone piece
  • Make most layers light in weight
  • Layer from thin to thick
  • Keep thick knits, coats or jackets as the very outer layer
  • Add a pattern or texture for interest
  • Don’t forget your head, neck, feet & hands

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