After years of developing her own skills around effective communication and self-improvement, Chelsea wanted to make possibility a reality and tie in her love of good fashion with the desire to make a real difference in people’s lives. Upon completing her “Advanced Certificate of Professional Style and Image” with Australian Style Institute she started her personal styling business to inspire and empower others to feel confident in whom they are through what they wear. ASI’s innovative training prepared her to become the stylist I wanted to be, offering her a unique perspective on styling that empowered the individual, focusing on the inside, to convey the right message on the outside, ensuring that all her clients achieve the confidence they want both inside & out.

“I love helping real women and men look and feel their best, leaving my clients excited to get dressed every day. I understand what makes a body shape of any size or age look amazing irrespective of budget and how important image is for our growth, well-being and success”

Whether you are after new job opportunities, perhaps pursuing ambitious career goals, searching for new love, making public appearances or even simply wanting to accept and learn to love yourself exactly as you are I will work with you to achieve the confidence you want both ‘inside and out’.

I bring my services to you with the intention of not only having you look amazing, but leave feeling confident ready for whatever you’re up to in life, making sure you feel comfortable, encouraged and empowered throughout the whole style experience.

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