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    Love what you wear!

    My mission in life is to empower people.  I do this through styling, by making people look great and feel confident.

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    Then look no further, My Style & Makeup services cater for all types of people, from those who need lots of help, to those that purely want a little inspiration, fun and pampering.  I can provide personalised gift vouchers for… Read More

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How we start our day is so important, which is why that morning ritual of getting dressed needs to be an empowering one to prepare us for the day ahead. If we look amazing – we feel amazing, so imagine how differently your day would go if you left the house each day feeling like the best version of YOU. As a personal stylist in St Kilda, Melbourne, I am committed to you achieving your style confidence and transforming your wardrobe into one you LOVE.

“The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing the confidence my clients achieve. When you look your best, you radiate self-confidence. I believe that styling is so much more than having a great outfit to wear, it’s an expression of who we are”

As a personal fashion stylist and image consultant based in the St Kilda area, I love helping real men and women look and feel their best, leaving them excited to get dressed every day. I understand what makes a body shape of any size or age look amazing irrespective of budget, and how important image is for our growth, well-being and success.

It’s NEVER too late to be the version of YOU that you want to be!

Whether that’s the yummy mummy, the career powerhouse, the natural classic, the on trend girl or the woman who looks like she doesn’t try but always seems to look god damn amazing! I'm here to help.

Let me teach you how to dress for your shape and lifestyle, create a style thats YOU, with a wardrobe you actually get excited to open everyday.

Whether you want a full wardrobe makeover, a wardrobe refresh or are just starting out, I’ll help you love what you wear!

For some it can be a little daunting and unfamiliar putting your style in the hands of another. To put you at ease, all our sessions begin with a style consultation where I spend time getting clear on your lifestyle and budget, as well as listening to any concerns in order to guide you to a style that will empower you to feel confident in who you are through what you wear.

As a personal stylist in St Kilda, Melbourne, I will help transform your wardrobe into one you LOVE.

On top of acting as your personal fashion stylist, I am also a mobile special occasion and bridal make up artist helping clients look their best on their big day.

“Clothing can have the power to transform a person’s state of mind. Dress with confidence & you’re more likely to act with confidence”



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“When a woman says I have nothing to wear! What she really means is, there’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today”


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